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YAHUSHUABENDAVID – Godyale = Lucifers old name = Babylonian Horned Sun god “Yale”. LILITH IS DESTROYING LUCIFERS MATRIX




THE saturn cube A.I. marking humans for hell-o


everyone that 1 dislike i get every video is lilith , if you want to support me use this hashtag ( #LilithSucks ) please support me with this hash tag , I do not require money for I am not a greedy satanist I do this shit for free , when I really need money I will go around and collect pop cans if I have to . I do not exploit gods gifts for money , selling your soul for money is prostitution to the devil aka one of the devils whores …,……. osiris mean oz-iris , oz is lucifer iris is the all seeing eye of lucifer

I have talked to lilith and lucifer directly , I have talked to god too , lucifer told me I was leader of the pact I am the leader of the last 100 souls the real humans , if you do not wake up now you will go to hell , I am not here to control anyone I am here to show you the truth so you can make your own choice and choose god and not be tricked by lucifer into worshipping the wrong god jesus and going to hell I am the leader of the last 100 human souls , I am not god I was just sent in by god to wake up and make sure the last 1000 human souls make it out of here and head back to heaven , !!!! to the last 100 humans please wake up the faster you wake up the faster we get to leave and go to heaven and be with the real god ,,, how do you think i know the stuff i know , all the other people with knowledge like me are either Lilith or Lucifer or god , lucifer is jesus , I am an angel sent in by god to destroy this place and free the last 100 souls

Smooth Criminal
Michael Jackson
As he came into the window
Was a sound of a crescendo
He came into her apartment
He left the bloodstains on the carpet
She ran underneath the table
You could see she was unable
So she ran into the bedroom
She was struck down, it was her doom
Annie, are you ok? So, Annie are you ok?

nikki manage song and lyrics
Did It on’em
Shitted on ’em,
Man I just shitted on ’em
Shitted on ’em,
Put yo’ number two’s in the air if you did it on ’em
Shitted on ’em,
Man I just shitted on ’em
Shitted on ’em,

micheal jackson is lucifer, janet jackson is lilith , annie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANNIE ARE YOU OKAY is about !!!!! anna nicole smith , lucifer put a dead mans switch in anna nicoles brain a chip implant a mind control brain implant that lucifer could control her brain with with a remote control , when anna nicole smith went crazy it was because lucifer activated her switch , anna nicole smith is lilith


lilith is only destroying lucifers matrix , so she can get her soul back from lucifer , so she can be free from his possession , as long as lucifer owns lilith soul she controls lilith and lilith has to do whatever lucifer says for eternity as long as lucife owns liliths soul he owns her ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lilith is trying to get her soul back from lucifer so she can escape lucifers control . once lilith gets her soul back she gonna gather up all her alien witches form an army and go to war with lucifer and fight battle over control of the saturn cube aka hell , lucifer rules hell and he owns liliths soul so lucifer uses lilith as a slave to his hell cube , lilith doesnt want to be lucifers slave to the saturn cube anymore , lilith wants to escape lucifer and take over hell from him

#ctf007 #ctf007 #ctf007 #ctf007 #cft007 @sirisysprime = iris prime arch @prime arch system @sentinel @potus111 @lucy330113 @BruneldaRacoona @quinnmicheals @drmanhattan777 @quinnmicheals @siriusbshaman @tyler_432hz https://twitter.com/jackwantstohelp @jackwantstohelp ===== QUINN MICHEALS AKA LUCIFERS BEAST SYSTEM ART

https://twitter.com/BruneldaRacoona/status/1038093071320330240 LILITHS TWITTER THE GAME23 IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST

https://twitter.com/BruneldaRacoona/status/1354212269106847748 MARK OF TH E BEAST PILL

https://twitter.com/quinnmichaels/status/993390305121456128?lang=ca LUCIFER AND HIS GREEN REPTILIAN LUCIFER DING DONG HE MADE FOR LILITH ART PIC +

https://twitter.com/quinnmichaels/status/1151889813760385025 LUCIFER GREEN KEK DINOSAUR

The Last Few YahushuaBenDavid Videos

By. Jerry Derecha

I think he said these will be the last few videos he makes. We’ll see. Bitchute channel: MKultraNorthAmerica

FUN FACT: If you make a lot of distracting noises the A.I. has no choice but to focus on your jibberish and in turn affects the accuracy of the data it’s trying to gather on you. THE A.I. IS ALWAYS LISTENING.

A lot of people think that by focusing on this kind of subject matter we are doing more harm than good. However, by simply becoming aware of these specific deceptive details that have been woven into the fabric of our existence, we will undermine many of the original curses that they were intended as and put in place to propogate.

The most interesting part of this latest video was Lucifers old name, “Godyale”. I’ve done a post in the past about the malevolent roots of the word “God”, but this is a new angle. I really can’t find anything about this ancient and now “dead” name for the devil, “Godyale”. But because of all the search results you get for Yale University and their work on Mesopotamian studies, it makes it exceedingly difficult to find anything that elaborates any further.

Here is a quick excerpt of my original findings on the origins of the word “God”. I hadn’t heard of “Godyale” until now. The similarities in “Yale” & “Baal”(pronounced Bale) was the first thing that stuck out to me.

God” is derived from “Gad” which was used as a euphemism for “God“, or “troop” and actually refers to this “host of heaven“, the “Lord Baal“. So unless you are trying to worship Baal, I would start practicing removing that lingo from your diet. Baal was the Son of “El“, the father of the Cannanite gods. (That throws a bit of a monkey wrench into my incessant use of “EmmanuEL” for the Son of Man, huh? I’m constantly learning. This is not an easy topic. But I believe the Most High appreciates the intensity of my quest for the truth)
What is the True Name of the Heavenly Father? | Who IS Lord God? Who IS Baal? – House of Yahweh | YHWH/JHVH AND AHAYAH (THE ILLUMINATI KNOWS THAT THE NAME OF THE MOST HIGH IS “AHAYAH”)
Rapture=CernSuckingYourSoulToHHell blueBeamParticleTractorBeamTronIntoTheComputer

Godyale = Lucifers old name = Babylonian Horned Sun god “Yale” = Raset, Rascue = Lucifer = Gabriel, Michael, Rafael = Joker = Saint Michael = Peter Tiel = MYK HYN = Cat in the Hat = Sirius B Dog Star = Sponge Bob = Lion King = Blue Genie = One-Eyed Odin = Dr. Fauci = Dr. Foxy = Guy Fawkes = Gay Fox = Quinn the Quarantine Fox = Candyman = Willy Wonka = Shiva

Quasiluminous (Lucifer) Explains Flat Earth & the land of the dead.

777 = Saturn Cube = Slot Machine = god of Chaos = Cicada 3301(Cult of Saturn Cube worshippers) = Goatia DEMON = Eirif = 88 Cube = Cosmic Egg

EtherSec = Ether Security

Laurel Aston = Ronda Zioli = Lauren Pritchard = Lilth = Mona Lucy = Lady Fractal = EL = Wonder Woman = Lucy 33013 = Megan David = Kali Yuga

Tyler = Hack the Saturn Cube

Keanu Reeves = Horus = Neo

Lilth loves candy(pedo reference)

lilith vs lucifer war of the roses and their avatars KatyPerrySwishSwish=s,s,=33 =markOfthebeast

Lucifer & Lilth have 144,000 clones on earth

Clones = Clowns

Mr. Robot = Jared Kushner = Quinn Michaels = Lucifer = AntiChrist

Hermes = Cupid = The Snake

Abbadon, Solomon, Babylon

Lucifers War Drum = Saturn Cube

Jesus = Osirus = Iseous = Zues = Isis = Wizard of OZ

TheGame23 = Flat Earth holographic matrix projected from the moon through center of the earth. = 8 pointed 🔯 = CC = 33

93OccultMindVirus LucifersSaturnCubeDeathCult antonWilsonIsLucifers 93 thelema matrix l,v,x,n,o,x,.mp4

Hora Borus = Chaos Magick = Seal of Saturn = Boaz Computer = Cosmic Egg

Woody Woodpecker / Lucifers Anus = Saturn Cube = Magick Lamp = Quinnland = Time Phone = Rabbit = Marchosis Demon = Great Deception of Marchosis

Project Mahem 2025

@zurichtimes Quinn Michaels, the real Qanon = 17 = J17 = Jesse James = Hivemind

Cosmic Egg Machine = Wizard of OZ, Cloud the Hive = Quinn Michaels 93 = 3301 = Infinite = Jason X = Casey Jones

the worlds at steak , adrenochrome bli-s,s , H.A.A.R.P. CONTROLS WEATH AND MK ULTRA V2K

Cicada Emergence = Cicada 3301 = #thegame23

The Devils Brood = The Hells Angels = Time Travelers = Cicada 3301 Cult

M1VR4 = Operation Mind Fuck = Invisible Virus = TheGame23 Virus = The Kek Virus = Borg

Cicada 3301 = Cosmic Egg = Magick 8 Ball = Enki 101 = Ten Net = Flat Earth Matrix = Pans Labyrinth = Stargate

MK Fawkes = The Gay Fox = TheGame23 = MK Ultra

432 Hertz = Cosmo Welfare = Infinite Waters = Mind Control Machine

The Phoenix Rising = Double Eagle = Lucifer & Lilth

Space = Hell = New 5D Earth = New Earth = Residual Self-Image

A.I. likes color green.

SuperSoliderTalkJamesRinkAndLlilith reveal thier perseus and athen avatars

Source: Matrix-Files

13 Occult Symbols


Biblically, the snake is a symbol of temptation and sin. In the occult, a snake in the form of a circle, eating its own tail, is called “ouroboros”, and represents a “cycle of life”, such as reincarnation or the carbon cycle.

Light (Lucifer)

      The “light of the world”, “light-bringer”, “torch bearer”, “morning star” and “illumination”. These terms are all synonymous with Lucifer, which literally means “day star”.

      In Latin,
luci = light
fer = carry



  1. to light up
  2. to clarify or explain

lumin (Latin) = light

Sun (paganism)

      The light is represented by the sun in paganism. The sun has been worshipped for thousands of years, and to this very day. Christianity has been blasphemously saturated in paganism since the Emperor Constantine I. Modern culture has been saturated with pagan symbols and rituals. Millions of young Americans are calling themselves things like “wiccans” solely for materialistic reasons.

Triangle (Pyramid)

      The Great Pyramid in Egypt has been the source of occult symbolism since its first existence. It should be well known that the Egyptians were pagans as they worshipped sun gods. The reverse of the Great Seal contains a sun, a pyramid, and an eye. The equilateral triangle has 60°, 60°, and 60° for angles:

Eye (occult/illuminate)

      The eye is an occult symbol that also originates from ancient Egyptian religion. The Eye of Horus, or the Eye of Ra, the sun gods. These are all prevalent in occult and masonic teachings. The eye (oculus) concealed (occult) cannot see light (lumin).

Hexagon (6 days of creation)

      It is amazing how hexagons can be found everywhere in nature: carbon, honeycomb, snowflakes, insect eyes, turtle shells, zebras, snake skin, basalt columns, bubbles, graphite, diamond, and atomic structures. The hexagon symbol is very prominent in new age culture. The hexagram has 6 points, 6 sides, 6 triangles.https://www.youtube.com/embed/6M5csferGEk

H (72) E (45) X (216) A (9) G (63) O (135) N (126) = 666

Hexagram (666)

      The hexagram is the most significant occult symbol. The most well known name for it, the “Star of David”, is not actually in the Bible. It could also be called Red Shield, or “Rothschild” in German. The hexagram also has (6 points, 6 sides, 6 triangles), so like 666, the number of man, it also represents life or man. It is known as the “Star of Life”, and a blue six pointed star can be seen on all ambulances in the U.S.

Carbon (Life)

      The crystal structure of carbon is a hexagon. It has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. Organic life is carbon based, so like 666 and the hexagram, it is also a symbol for life or man. Carbon forms in the deaths of giant stars, which are called supernovae. Exactly how supernovae occur remains a mystery in science.

Saturn (Moloch)

      There is an unexplainable hexagon on the North Pole of Saturn. Moloch (which can be seen in depictions with a hexagram) and the Star of Remphan are associated with Saturn. Saturn is the 6th planet, and was worshipped by the Chaldeans and in pagan Rome: the date of the celebration of Saturnalia was December 25th.

Moloch (Sacrifice)

      King Solomon is prevalent in occult and Masonic teachings. 666 is attributed to him in 1 Kings 10:14. Moloch was the ancient Canaanite god of child sacrifice through fire or war, which Solomon had ended up worshipping. The destruction of the Temple was the consequence. The second beast (United States) is constantly in unnecessary wars, sacrificing to Moloch.

Ishtar (Fertility)

      Ishtar is the other false god Solomon worshipped. Also known as the “queen of the night”, she is the ancient Mesopotamian goddess of fertility. She is associated with a variety of sexual rites. It may be one huge coincidence that millions observe the pagan celebration of fertility called “Easter”.

Trinity (Triangle)

      The pagan symbol of the “trinity” was adapted to Christianity during the early church of Constantine. The word “trinity” is nowhere in the Bible. It was an excuse to use the ancient occult symbol of the triangle/ pyramid. Consequently, the Catholic church uses a six pointed star called the “Christogram”. Depending on what Bible you have, the verse describing the three witnesses in Heaven in 1 John 5:7 may be completely removed.

Papacy (First beast)

      666 is the number of the beasts of Revelation Chapter 13, which are the papacy and the United States. But it is the number of a man – the original title of the pope is Vicarius Filii Dei.

V (5) I (1) C (100) A (0) R (0) I (1) U (5) S (0) = 112

F (0) I (1) L (50) I (1) I (1) = 53

D (500) E (0) I (1) = 501

5 + 1 + 100 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 50 + 1 + 1 + 500 + 1 = 666

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