Something terrible has just happened personally…I might be MIA for a while. I’m sorry…😥

sorry handwritten

I guess it only takes a few hours for one’s world to come crashing down.

I can’t….😔😪

Blogging isn’t the top priority at the moment, even though it might be a good idea to keep at it, simply to keep my mind off of what has just happened.

Just when I thought I didn’t even have much left to lose, I’m proven wrong. On the same day my car gets totaled in a freak occurrence, literally only hours later, I find out my GF is dying from cancer with spots “all over”, with not much time left, according to the doctors based on the test results that just came back. She’s only 35. I’m having difficulty even typing this at the moment from the trembling.

People have been through far far worse than this. I’m going to try to keep going, but forgive me if I’m not as attentive. I know a lot of you rely on this site to keep up with the craziness that’s going on and I don’t want to let this ruin that.

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