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THIS SERIOUSLY FREAKED ME OUT: Man in Valencia Spain Stuck in Parallel Reality in 2027 Where There Are No Humans Left on Earth…SHOCKING VIDEO EVIDENCE

Is this proof that the Matrix is breaking? I say YES. Or is some the the craziest Quantum A.I. reality simulation avatar software ever made. I can’t imagine the computing power you’d need to recreate a whole city like that.

Published on Apr 28, 2021
(REAL UNEXPLAINABLE FOOTAGE) Man from Valencia Spain travels to the future and is trapped in 2027 with no signs of life. Is this the end of the world? Could this be an alternate world or dimension? Javier aka Unicosobrevivienta uploaded a video to TikTok claiming that he woke up in 2027 in a hospital and when he went outside everyone was gone. The entire human race disappeared and even every animal in the world is GONE. I know this sounds crazy but he has numerous videos showing him alone in a city with 2.5 million people. Where did all those people go? Supposedly there is a connection between 2027 and 2021 making it seem as he is trapped in a future or parallel alternate reality but still able to communicate back to 2021.

At first I thought that he was simply using some kind of A.I. software that makes a composite of the surrounding area, removes any of the people(or anything that moves) and then fills in the area with the image of the background. The software that’s out there is crazy these days. But then I kept watching his videos and that explanation simply does not suffice. The things that he is recording himself doing, the places he is recording himself walking into, are impossible to explain via the use of some kind of advanced software.

He even asks Alexa what year it is and it tells him 2027. He goes into empty schools, airports, train stations, even a Zoo. No life to be found anywhere. The crazy part is, everything looks emaculate. As if they cleaned the streets. There are no cars left in the road. No trash anywhere. It’s as if the entire reality was created fresh, from scratch, inside a computer. Creating an exact duplicate copy of Valencia Spain. Not just the outside though. All the buildings and everything in it. Perfect copies. Neatly arranged and nothing unkempt. I don’t know how anyone could have access to a computer THAT powerful, all just to make TikTok videos. This would be some insano Quantum computing capability and he would end up being the most sought after computer programmer on earth if that’s what he is doing here.

This guy goes into a Mercedes dealership(per the request of a follower), finds a random key and drives off with the car. He walks into a police station and gets into a still-running vehicle in the parking lot. Mind you, all the places he is filming himself going into are via requests from other TikTok users. He can’t possibly be planning this out in advance unless the TikTok users making the requests are in on it. But people are really challenging him and in several instances even offered him $500k to go to certain locations, and he does it, exactly the way they ask him to. He even leaves certain artifacts in weird locations and incredibly, people are finding these items in our timeline. If this is some kind of trick, it’s literally the most advanced and elaborate Magick trick that’s ever been pulled. I have no way of explaining this. I’m seriously rattled right now. And after watching all the YahushuaBenDavid videos about the earth being cleansed of all humans and the Saturn Cube reality matrix being “flushed” of all inhabitants and “reset”, sending some of us to a heavenly realm while trapping others in a new matrix reality, makes this video THAT much more eerie. I am going to have to stay tuned to this guys TikTok and see how long this poor guy remains stuck in this apocalyptic & horrific parallel reality. This is seriously some crazy ass shit. It’s almost just as impressive and scary even if it is just A.I. software. Seriously…


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