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Erin Costello: A Cross Between Brian Stelter & a Water Baloon Filled w/Bile & Expired Cream Cheese. A Monstrous Pro-Vax Social Media Hag, Professional Con-Artist, Liar & Extortionist.

I honestly couldn’t find the full video. CNN has done some damage control for obvious reasons.

Erin Costello: What you would get if you crossed Brian Stelter with a water balloon filled with bile and rancid expired cream cheese.

ERIN COSTELLO: Online Pro-Vaccine spy. Can’t make this up.
I got you Erin Elizabeth… I’ll take it from here. Telegram Link

She’s like Kyle’s mom from South Park but much fatter, uglier and far easier to loathe. And at least Kyle’s mom functioned with the intelligence level of an adult. I sense a 7th grade reading comprehension level at best with this gem. You know that CNN went out and recruited the most physically(and more importantly), ideologically disgusting and off-putting person that they could find to assign with the duty of being their pro-vax super shill on social media. Why on earth they decided to showcase this monster to the world in a primetime special is beyond me.

Just take a moment to sit back and ponder as to what this woman spends her time doing. She seeks out the families of dead children on social media(Facebook mostly), using an array of fake profiles, so she can best position herself to begin spewing a cocktail of pre-arranged cokie-cutter pro-vaccine narratives onto the laps of these still mourning parents, all in a wildly despicable and nauseating attempt to usurp any influx of suspicion that the vaccines might have had anything to do with the untimely and tragic death of their child. Let that sink in. Here’s an analogy for you:

She’s like a animated water balloon filled with cream cheese and butter that lurches around town and let’s out grotesque wailing sounds that resemble pro-vax rhetoric. We only became aware of what she was actually saying after the garbled speech patterns were translated by specialists in certain “animated medical-waste” species like hers(the mainstream media). (CNN has a lab where they irradiate bins of medical waste mixed with “kosher-only” feces imported from Brooklyn sewage plants in order to produce more of these things.) This species is know to hiss and wail while letting out a semi-gaseous discharge that smells like water garbage mixed with dry urine. It is believed they use this as their primary defense mechanism when approached or challenged by anyone with any reasonable rebuke to their constant pro-vax shrieking & shilling. It’s a fascinating species and accompanying degenerative social phenomenon to study to be honest. It can be dangerous to get too close to or even look one of these things in eye without proper training. A mere glance in the direction of one of these beasts has been known to cause immediate thoughts of suicide and a spontaneous spurning of infinite sorrow and despair. All that being said, they are surprisingly easy to kill. Just stick a pin into its side(tell the truth) and all the putrid slushy paste that its made of will start rapidly pouring out of its revolting body. Instantly killing it.

How’s that for an analogy you lying tub of shit? I haven’t gone off like this since Gaige Grosskreutz.

What went wrong and when? When and how did our society start spitting out abominations of semi-humans like that thing? I want some damn answers. This is not OK.

CNN showing off their latest addition to the team: Erin Costello

Whoever has been in charge of these mainstream media outlets over the past 5 years should have been fired by now. Fired and shunned for life by the rest of the industry. Designated as “un-hirable”. How are the shareholders tolerating that kind of incompetence? Could it be because they are subsidized with taxpayer dollars by civilian and military intelligence agencies? It’s the only way I can explain why they seem to be pulling this same routine that only the lamest and most brainwashed members of the public would fall for. We might as well just sit back and let them flail away and self-sabotage. Anyone who gives Brian Stelter their own show and brags about the disgusting charade that this obese tub of pro-vax cream cheese & butter puts out on social media, is clearly wildly incompetent.

Mess with the best, die like the rest. I’ve always wanted to say that. Not that I think I’m the best. But certainly good enough to make this waste of life look like the bacterial scum she is. That was therapeutic. I think I’ll make trolling trolls a more regular thing. TrollSnuffer has been on the sidelines long enough. My head has been in a dark place of late. So coming across this video, at this time, doesn’t bode well for Mrs. Erin Costello. She of all people should know how much damage one single person with too much time on their hands can inflict upon their foes. Except in my case, I’m WAY more imaginative and actually good at this, while only willing to use my “eccentricities” on pieces of shit like her.

Anyone who thinks vaccines are safe, or even neccessary for that matter, especially the Covid vaccines, belongs in a group home and shouldn’t be allowed to go out in public without a chaperone. #Vacgate

God never meant for people like this exist. Whoever bred with that thing needs to jailed. Those responsible for unleashing these creatures onto this earth will be judged harshly.


  1. Erin Costello

    Omg! You got Boomer Nut News to give a comment on me! Hey there Boomer. 🤣🤣

    • Comment by post author

      Don’t forget about my commentary too! We might be your biggest fans. How’s the Crusade been going? Been shoveling those kiddies into caskets at record rates of late huh? I’m glad to see you continuing to make your case for that extra special spot in hell. I’m giddy to have gotten your attention. 😜 Now get to back to work maiming and murdering children. You shouldn’t be wasting anymore of your precious time giving but a shred of attention to us yucky critics.

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