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This Footage of a Series of Demonic Faces Emerging From a Microwaved Cell Phone Might Be The Most Insane & Frightening Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Cell Phones Are Houses For Demons

To say this might the be scariest thing I’ve ever seen is not something I take lightly. This footage of the cellphone in the microwave really is THAT startling. The info on the true nature of the cellphone and all the witch-talk terminology they use in the tech industry was bad enough on its own. But this footage will change the way you look at your cell phone forever and will definitely give you nightmares. Be warned. Seriously…It’s insane. Tamara always finds the most Demonic and scary/hard-to-find Dark Web content there is. She certainly has an inside line to that kind of stuff, being that’s she’s most certainly down with a demonic crew herself. She’s more or less admitted it many times. But she’s still good for raw content like this.




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