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Murals & Mysteries of the Maya – William Saturno P.H.D

I enjoyed this presentation.

The site at Chultuhn/Chuxtuln is so large that “they are still in the center of town despite scanning 8 kilometers in every direction“.

Yucatan = “I don’t understand you” in local dialect. It doesn’t mean “land of honey and meat”. I never had heard the Yucatan called that anyway. I don’t think they really know a damn thing about the cultures in Mesoamerica. We definitely seem to know far less about these Mayan/Olmec/Teotocan empires than the South American counterparts. I have noticed that most mainstream academics like to downplay the idea that the Maya “disappeared”. However, they admit that the cities were mostly abandoned by the time the conquistadors showed up in the 1500’s. So a large population had something happen to it?

Archaeologists find elongated skulls in Maya underwater cave | Read the rest of this article here.

Plus, the Maya are depicted with these exaggerated long overarching, beak like noses and have prominent elongated skulls. Anthropomorphically very different to modern humans. Just look at the way they’re depicted. They don’t look like humans at all. I think there was a very good reason why someone might have speculated that the Maya were a culture that did seem to “vanish”. He says only 1% of the Maya world has been excavated, but 99% has been looted. I bet there are a few untouched sites somewhere.

To me, it always seemed that the Olmec, which were way before the Maya, seemed to have the most technologically advanced methods of stone cutting of anyone ever in Mesoamerica based on the giant heads and some of the megalithic work on the pyramids at La Venta. So it seems that they only devolved in capability. But those heads could also be petrified giants.

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