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Masks Cause Cancer & Were Nothing More Than an Occult Transformation Ritual

I’ve been refraining from speaking on the mask insanity of late, only because the sheeple seem to think that because the state re-opened they no longer need to wear masks. They don’t realize that they never had to wear them in the first place. But the sheeple do what they see the other sheeple doing, so I’ll take it.

Mask Mandates Are Absolutely Useless | Mercola.com

But let’s no forget just how assinine these mask mandates were in the first place. If you dutifully wore your mask, you did nothing but participate in an Occult transformation ritual while increasing your risk for illness. Nothing more. I remember in the first days of the mask insanity I almost got into a fist fight with a contractor doing repair work inside a Walgreens after I put the mask that he tried to give me in my pocket, rather than drape it over my face like he had wanted me to. Those were the days. I think I retard-thumped my chest a few times as I gave him my final parting words. I’ve grown up slightly since then. (Not really).

If you’re still a mask-Nazi, let me be clear, NO ONE LIKES YOU & YOU’RE ON YOUR WAY TO HELL. Freeze all motor functions.

They Will NEVER Stop Pushing the Scamdemic. They Will NEVER Let-up With the Mask-Mandates. They Will NEVER Honestly Report/Interpret the Stats. This is a Ritual. You Mean NOTHING to Them
Printable Face Mask Exemption Card | The Satanic Mask Rituals Are Real!…Karen!

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