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Cops Are Emotionally Damaged & Sadistic People | My Collection of Police Misconduct Cases & Websites/YouTube Channels Dedicated to Exposing These Societal Parasites

This was by no means the most egregious act of misconduct I’ve seen from our sick and twisted gay-porn-manufacturing contingency of law enforcement “professionals” in this country. But I thought it was worth pointing out because of the insight it gives us into the bloodthirsty and unhinged nature of most cops. These individuals became cops, not to protect and serve, but rather to assert their power over others and to possibly one day(they can only hope) get the opportunity to end the life of another human being. They often settle-for or “practice” with people’s pets while waiting for their chance to get to end the life of another human being. It should be noted that it’s a common misconception that cops only shoot black people. They have an equal thirst to end of life of anyone of any color. They would never allow something as petty as a racial undertone to get in the way of their opportunity to end the life of another homosapien. You’d be out of your mind to assume they’d let a chance to blast a hot piece of metal into another living human pass them by like that.

I chose to speak on this case because holding a hand gun underneath the chin of a handcuffed suspect is an act that epitomizes the widespread psychiatric illness that permeates within the ranks of this profession. There are enough examples of violent and sickening misconduct from law enforcement agencies across the county for me to blog about them multiple times a day. But that would be degenerative to my mental health, so I only do it once and a while. Only because I have to. Someone has to. My cousin Jerry(where I get my pen name from) was murdered by a redneck cousin-fucking sheriff in the Appalachian mountains in an incident that was so bad that internal affairs ended up spurning an investigation that disbanded the entire department. So it’s always been personal for me. But that doesn’t mean I’m off-base and unfairly biased. I think most would agree with my sweeping negative assessment of the psychological profile of most pigs in this country. The stories speak for themselves.

This off-duty pig is riding around in his truck, with a 6-pack in his lap(literally), drinking and chasing around other cars, then SHOOTING at other cars, for no reason at all. These people are menaces to society.

I was distressed to see that one of the best websites for exposing police misconduct, / Cops in Cuffs, has been taken down. But I can’t let their archive of police misconduct cases go silently into the night. It must be preserved. HERE is the archived version of the once awesome website.

My new go-to site for police misconduct is There are several Youtube channels dedicated to this subject matter as well who have been doing a great job keeping up with these cases and making sure that these pigs and the departments that try to protect them, are not afforded the luxury of anonymity. Ensuring that they get exposed and embarassed for the whole world to see. These cops still have personal lives that can be ruined, and ruin them we must. YouTube and Twitter are POWERFUL tools. They cannot be allowed to act like murderous animals while on the job, only to try to act like they are normal and peaceful everyday people when off the job. Not happening.

Cops Walk into Fenced-In Yard, Kill Innocent Elderly Man’s Dog and Laugh About It

When you murder an innocent mans dog for example, and then laugh about it in front of the neighbors, who then photograph you chuckling as the man is loading his critically injured dog into the back of his truck(ABOVE), it’s going up on social media so that the members of the community where these officers reside can see just how despicable and dangerous these people really are and can proceed to treat them how they deserve to be treated and know not to let them in their personal lives or bestow them with the admiration and respect that one would think would be associated with the profession. NEVER open your door for the police. Talk to them through a window. Don’t EVER EVER EVER EVER… open your door for the police. ESPECIALLY if you have a pet.

I’ve recently featured the fantastic work that ASD DOCS has been doing in exposing the wildly corrupt Fairfax PD and their slew of corrupt officers, like the Babyfaced Monster: Jonathan “Alex” Freitag. He’s practically brought down the entire department with his channel. The D.A. too!! They HATE being outed publicly. We all must do our part and record all police interactions and make sure to expose them to the world when they act like corrupt pieces of shit that most of them are.

I know not ALL cops are like this. But you don’t get a prize for doing your job and not being a piece of shit. Sorry. There are simply WAY too many bad apples. 40% of cops beat their wives, which means the real figure is closer to 100%, since most wives don’t report their police officer husband for obvious reasons. So instead of crying about the few of you “good cops” who end up getting mischaracterized by pieces like this, why don’t you work on rooting out these bad apples within your departments, stop covering for them, and stop hiring such pieces of shit in the first place. But that would be asking a lot of you guys. I know most of ya’ll aren’t the highest “functioners”.

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