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Robert Kennedy Jr was going to head up a vaccine injury commission to investigate how vaccines are causing harm and Bill Gates told Trump not to proceed with it. Video | Why did trump listen to Gates?

Why did Trump listen to Gates? Because they all work together when it comes to big picture things like the genocide of the masses and the reduction of the human population. There were certainly a few scuffles that were taking place behind the scenes when Trump first came into power. But all those supposedly secret arrests were nothing more than Illuminati politics and most of those EL-ites were never really even “alive” in the first place. I mean, how many times has Hillary allegedly died or been arrested?

Robert Kennedy appears to be just another cointelpro Deep State asset who has positioned himself as the Gatekeeper to the anti-vax stance. I’m not sure exactly how they plan on using him in the future, but I wouldn’t get too attached to anything related to him. But I’m cynical of everyone I guess.

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