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Terrifying Creature Captured on CCTV Footage | 25 Scariest Creature Videos of All Time

At first it looked like it was a mini Sumo wrestler or something. An oversized “little person” who was walking on all fours who simply wasn’t a fan of that movie poster. But once the camera zoomed in on its face, my heart dropped along with my jaw. The auto-debunkers will simply claim that it’s a deformed homeless person with a psychiatric illness. But we’ve seen enough to know better by now. There are literally hundreds of unknown & mystifying humanoid creatures that prowl our realm on the reg, and lucky for us, there are cameras positioned on virtually every square inch of this planet these days, giving us countless YouTube videos like these to prove it.

Just look at the claws on that thing! That’s not a human being.

Might as well highlight many of the other “strange creature” posts I’ve done from the past, as well as some more YouTube playlists.

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