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The Britney Spears Clone & Clonaid | Britney Spears is a Creation

Much like Eminem and many other celebrities, the EL-ites have a variety of “models” that they are able to churn out to use for a variety of purposes as “cloned” synthetic beings.

I’m not going to lie, I had though that Clonaid was into producing full-blown biologically human “clones” that they simply would implant in a human host for gestation and in turn produce(but still “birth”) an exact, but still human, copy of the original person using their source DNA. But what Tamara seems to be insinuating is that they have the ability to produce completely synthetic humans. This is where the line between a Robotoid and a human clone becomes blurred. It seems that they are distinguished only by the technology used to produce them, as the methods used to create a Robotoid will yield a product with an abnormally high metabolism that allows it to only “live” for a few weeks or months. These “clones” likely have life spans similar if not longer than a human being. I don’t really know. Scary & fascinating.

They really had another clone of her just standing there in the front row. I wonder if everyone in attendance was simply a clone too. That’s not her sister.
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