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Douchebag Neil Degrasse Tysons PATHETIC “Debunk” of UFO’s | Saucer Craft Unearthed In Brazil | Bizzarly Shaped Craft Filmed in South Carolina |

I find it beyond despicable and flat out audacious to hear people like Neil Degrasse Tyson exclaim that when it comes to UFO evidence, all we have are “grainy monochromatic pieces of footage only seen by Navy pilots”. I’m not sure what’s sadder. The fact that he would have the balls to say something like that, or the fact that there will be plenty of people who will run with that lame, douchy explanation and be like “ya…. right on Neil. You mic-dropped all those tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists”. People just suck. Just listen to these cucks.

There is literally a half dozen new pieces of footage that hit the internet on a daily basis. Just look at at this. Portals, elongated craft, unexplained sky phenomenon. This flux of recent activity is an indication of something. What….I am not sure. A lifting of the veil perhaps. 🧐😳🤷‍♂️

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