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Evolution is a Masonic Lie Hiding Intelligent Design | “It is manifesting impossible for an organic cell to have been formed by chance”

No one has EVER observed a species being created by natural selection.

The evolutionists and anti-Intelligence Design contingency of pseudo-academic shills, amateur trolls, soulless professors and other “professionals” from our fallacy-laden scientific community are easily the most foaming at the mouth, utterly savage crowd that you’ll ever come across in the comments-section-jello-pit of videos like this one.

Trust me, I’ve battled it out with them for years and they simply do not car how assinine their theory is. The theory that cellular life just randomly assimilated from the perfect blend of a primordial slurry made up of various proteins, lipids and 288 different amino acids that ended up ultimately just “falling in place” perfectly, essentially having spontaneously unintelligently designed itself into the perfect biological machine that is the cell.

“Improbable” isn’t even the correct designation to assign this outcome. For its formation to have been the product of randomness is “impossible”, not just “improbable”. Some metaphysical powers beyond our imagination had to have acted upon this mechanism to have created it in the first place. This video really goes into the details and smashes Darwins’ racist skull in.

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