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Al Sharpton and Benjamin Crump will represent Hunter Brittain, the white teen killed by Arkansas Police, June 23, 2021

You won’t often hear me praising these Activist lawyers who, most of the time, are masters at sowing division for whatever despicable liberal political agenda they’ve been hired to defend at all costs and have very little vested interest in real justice. However in this case, I am very happy that Sharpton and Crump are representing this white teen and helping to bring awareness to the FACT that cops maliciously kill people of ALL races and the problem is not confined to black-only victims.

The sad reality is that there is a culture within most police departments that will defend the use of force by any of their officers at all costs with few exceptions. I’m not even going to get into all the dogs they murder for sport on a daily basis. That’s a completely separate issue. Here’s the problem. Most cops wake up each morning praying that today will finally be the day they get to use their service pistol to blast a hot piece of metal into the flesh of another human being and take their life in the process. Just like in the movie “Thr Departed”, Leo said “[sicp]that’s why cops signed up in the first place, was so that they could use their gun”.

The only way to put a stop to this is to change the way they hire and screen these people much more thoroughly and have higher overall standards. Start administering IQ tests & personality/psychological assessments. Whatever they have to do. Weed these assholes out before they kill someone. It’s getting out of control. These police officers are low-lifes. Low quality human beings. 60% of them beat their wives. These are problems that needs to be addressed. Cops have a propensity for violence and a lower ethical foundry than the average person, plain and simple. And I say that as a broad generalized statement because unfortunately it is a broad and overreaching problem.

This case might be a False Flag according to Gematria Effect News. LOL. But the problem is still real.


Al Sharpton and Benjamin Crump will represent Hunter Brittain, the white teen killed by Arkansas Police, June 23, 2021

Does this face look like it is from

This is in regards to the reported June 23, 2021 killing of “Hunter Brittain.”

Notice that date had 70 numerology.
White = 70

As for June 23, that is the day leaving 191 days in the year.
Society of Jesus = 191

And apparently ‘Arkansas’ is too much to write out.
Arkansas = 84 / 21
Jesuit = 84 / 21

Don’t overlook that he was 17. *Kill = 17

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