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The Reptilian Entity of Justin Trudeau, Liam Nielsen & Fidel Castro (All the same entity)

I definitely think there is something to the theory that Trudeau, Nielsen & Castro are all played by the same single Reptoid entity who plays the role of all three simultaneously. Though, Trudeau has a significantly lower intelligence level than Nielsen or Castro. Maybe it’s part of the act. He acts like a dumbass while in Canada.

YahushuaBenDavid has a new Bitchute channel. Not sure why he thought that was necessary to abandon the old channel that’s still up. But the link came from the old channel, so it’s him. I guess.

YahushuaBenDavid | OLD CHANNEL

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/v11zgz4-rapture-3d-cern-sucking-your-soul-to-hell-bluebeam-particle-tractorbeam-tro.html

Here’s the Prime Minister of Canada being shown all sorts of admiration and respect by his constituents. Blahaha.

What a magical painting. It truly is a microcosm of how the people think of Trudeau. A little spineless cuck who does whatever his libtarded Commie handlers tell him to

New YahushuaBenDavid videos…

New channel: LucifersSaturnCubeHellMatrix

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