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Mysterious Strangelets, Quantum Deception, Mark Twain Simulation Theory (Anthony Patch) | Jim Carey, Tetrahedron & the Flower of Life

Jim Carey says we are just floating composites of tetrahedrons being assembled via a flow of data. Thing is why the scientists at CERN are so interested in mapping the geometric pattern of these singularity, tetrahedron-shaped points in space. That’s supposedly what they are after.

This is all evidence of the Demiurge. The writings of Twain seem to be a vanity project of the Demiurge, with a bit of simulation theory mixed in there.

The “nephew of Satan” appears in this Mark Twain short story.

This is a Gnostic depiction of God that makes him out to be a heartless manifestation of consciousness. Quantum mysticism = “everything is divine”. “We are Gods” pantheism.

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