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John Cena Wearing a Living Tissue Bodysuit? Gucci Mane Body Suit Worn By Hopsin? How Long Have They Been Doing This? Microchipped Sockpuppet Celebrities & Politicians

How long have they been doing this? At least since Manchurian Joe came on the scene. But in reality they’ve been doing this since forever and it’s nothing new. These are all microchipped, silicone-masked sockpuppets. Every damn one of them. You’ll find their Reptoid handler close by with remote control in hand.

Lots of people will cry “Trumps here to save us… he’s not microchipped!!“. My response: SMH…..

They Shapeshift for their Roles On-Stage and In Real Life (VIDEO)

TAMARA MAGDALENE: They Shapeshift for their Roles On-Stage and In Real Life (VIDEO)

I wonder how long they’ve been regularly parading out imposter celebrities wearing tacky silicone masks and full body suits? Think about all the famous faces that we’ve seen plastered all over the mainstream pipeline, looking not quite how they used to after having just had a stint in rehab or jail, now sporting a fresh new blonde hairdoo to signal the completion of their Baphometic transformation or reprogramming. You’ll notice a human-appearing individual at the start of their career, only to be replaced by a square-faced synthetic replica that’s inserted into the mix once the celebrity has become famous. Equipped with a full-time handler….of Course. I think “Titanic Sinclair” might have gotten a bit in over his head.

Poppy so much as admits that she’s been replaced with a synthetic and goes as far as to say that we’re next! “Baby[humans] your time is up“. Yikes.

Popular Youtuber Admits She Is A Demon Possesed Clone!

Like I’ve said before, I believe that the plaques at the Hollywood Walk of Fame are actually tombstones. The ceremony of installing a new name signifies the successful murder of the original human character and their replacement with an androgynous synthetic copy that’s subservient to the agents of the Demiurge. This is what has happened to Kanye West, Dave Chappelle, Eminem, Justin Beiber, Mariah “That’s Poppy”, and most recently, Kodak Black & Gucci Mane.

In my humble opinion at least. It’s the “Land of the Robotoid”. “King Jesus” seems to think they are all Chimeras. A mix of human and animal. Drake is part bulldog. Lol.

Lots of people will cry “Trumps here to save us… he’s not microchipped!!“. My response: SMH…..
Mod’s I see this is in the grey area. You see this is my second thread. Feel free to move it. Where is Dave Chappelle? I know this is what’s on your minds right now. Don’t look away. But seriously…..What happened to him? Was he possibly another MLK? Proof>??? Rapper B.O.B. pictured on right. Used to replace Chappelle?

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