The Hearst Irish-Jewish-Albanian Crime Family | Action Bronson is a Jewish-Islamic-Albanian mobster and gangster rapper that is also employed by the Hearsts through their Viceland company. Action Bronson is a top boss over the Albanian Boys and Hellbanianz in the United States.

Sounds like the type of crime family I’d know. I’m very Irish and have lots of Albanian friends. Kinda random. Shout out to “Mirosh”.

I hadn’t known all this background information about Action Bronson as being this Albanian Mob Boss. Definitely don’t mess with Albanians. I love you guys. Lol.

Action Bronson is a Jewish-Islamic-Albanian mobster and gangster rapper that is also employed by the Hearsts through their Viceland company. Action Bronson is a top boss over the Albanian Boys and Hellbanianz in the United States.

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Christine Gomez-Martello is a psychopath spewing out slander, babble, and lies because she is also a child murderer and cannibal.

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Christine Gomez-Martello is a psychopath spewing out slander, babble, and lies because she is also a child murderer and cannibal.

The Hearst family are one of the most evil bloodlines in the United States and they work closely with the Disney family and they work under the Massimo of Roccasecca and Colonna di Stigliano families which oversee Ireland. The Hearsts are relentless, childish, demented, and absurd slanderers, liars, and mental tormentors. This family needs to be exterminated. They are one of the most evil bloodlines on the planet. They have Irish ancestry and they covertly work with the Irish Mafia and Kennedy family as well as the McMahon family which have Irish ancestry. The Hearsts are worth 28 billion and they own Hearst Communications with ESPN, Lifetime and A&E and that includes the History Channel. They share ownership over ESPN with the Disney Company. The Disney family are also an Irish bloodline. The Disneys migrated to Ireland from Isigny, France. Roy E. Disney was a Vatican Knight of the Order of Saint Gregory. The Hearsts also own Viceland and employ the Albanian-Jewish-Aryan mobster and gangster rapper Action Bronson who is a ruthless and sadistic psychopath. Action Bronson’s real name is Ariyan Arslani. Ireland is Aryland and was settled by Aryans which tend to have red hair. Moses Annenberg was a 1930’s Jewish mobster that worked for the Hearst Corporation and was convicted of tax evasion. The Hearsts spread insane propaganda on the History channel like their show Ancient Aliens. They also have the show Curse of Oak Island of Freemasons searching for a Templar treasure and they intend to uncover a fake “Ark of the Covenant” on this show. They are brainwashers. The Disneys are also involved in brainwashing children with sex programming as well as brainwashing society into thinking that royalty are normal and special. Disney runs MK Ultra ritual sex programming on children and especially on young girls. Disney has a 33 private club for Freemasons and Walt Disney was a Freemason. Some members of the Disneys today include Timothy Disney, Roy Patrick Disney, Abigail Disney, and Susan Disney Lord. The Disneys control Shamrock Holdings which owns hotels, television shows, radio stations. They also manage the investment firms Shamrock Capital Advisers and Shamrock Activist Value Fund. Realistically the Disneys are probably worth several billion. Their Shamrock companies is in reference to the Disney’s Irish ancestry. The shamrock is frequently used as a symbol for the Irish Mafia and Aryan Brotherhood gangs. The Disneys and the Hearsts work with the Irish Mafia and the Aryan Brotherhood.
The name Hearst refers to a hearse which carries a casket. Their ancestors name was originally Hearse. They are covert members of the Skull and Bones death cult and the Hell Fire Club which was founded in Ireland. The Hearsts and Disneys are both British Crown agents and Vatican agents. William Randolph Hearst the founder of this family went to Harvard a university created by the British Crown. His son Randolph Apperson Hearst also went to Harvard. There are about 65 members of the Hearst family today which share the 28 billion. George Randolph Hearst III is a current member of this family and the publisher of the Times Union newspaper. William Randolph Hearst II is another current member of this family and he was Jesuit educated at the University of San Francisco. Patty Hearst is a member of this family who carried out an armed robbery on a bank which seemed to do for her entertainment since the family is worth tens of billions. She was convicted of the bank robbery and then Jimmy Carter pardoned her because billionaires get special treatment. Her sister Anne Hearst is a member of this family and she was Jesuit educated at Regis College in Denver. Amanda Hearst went to the Jesuit’s Boston College and later to Jesuit Fordham. Stephen Thompson Hearst is a member of this family. The Hearsts are also ruthlessly evil and are involved in financing relentless gang stalking and murder. A sadist named Christine Gomez-Martello works for the Hearst family and their A&E Networks. She is psychotic liar and child murdering cannibal. Christine Gomez-Martello is one of the most evil beings to ever exist. The wrestler Paul Michael Levesque calls himself Triple H for Hunter Hearst Helmsley naming himself after them. Triple H who married into the billionaire McMahon family is a psychopath and involved with human trafficking, steroid trafficking, and blood trafficking. The wrestler The Undertaker who drives into the ring in a hearse is an agent of the Hearsts whose original name was Hearse. John Augustine Hearst or “Austin” Hearst is a leading member of the family today and a top executive for Hearst and the founder and CEO of the real estate firm Chestnut Holdings. The Hearsts are also major landowners and have owned a profitable silver mine. Stephen Hearst owns their family’s ranch with about 200 thousand acres. The Hearst family are extremely murderous and psychotic and they clearly torture children to death. They are insanely evil.


William R. Hearst III is a ruthless and murderous lunatic that needs to be killed. The Hearsts have electronic weapons and manage many gang stalkers especially female gang stalkers. They are relentless and childish slanderers and liars who say the most offensive things to enrage people. William Hearst III needs to be hunted down right now and killed.
Hearst family
2016 America’s Richest Families NET WORTH $28B
His grandson William R. Hearst III now chairs the modern day Hearst Corp., which owns 46 newspapers, 340 magazines around the globe and valuable stakes in cable TV channels ESPNLifetime and A&E. Under the leadership of CEO Steven Swartz, Hearst Corp., with $10 billion in revenues, has invested in new cable channel, VICELAND and bought a majority stake in medical software firm MedHOK.
William R. Hearst III is chairman of the board of Hearst, one of the nation’s largest diversified media and information companies.


In 1872, shortly after its discovery, the mine was sold for $27,000 to George Hearst of San Francisco, and was run by R.C. Chambers until 1901. It produced some $50,000,000 of ore. The Pinon, Walker & Webster, Flagstaff, McHenry, Buckeye, and other area mines also shipped small amounts of ore. By 1879, the Ontario mine was flourishing, with houses springing up near the mine and lower down the canyon, the site of Park City.


On Phoebe Hearst’s own death in 1919, Hearst inherited the ranch, which had grown to 250,000 acres (1,012 km2)[3] and 14 miles (23 km) of coastline,[25] as well as $11 million.


Stephen Thompson Hearst is a top member of the Hearst family and he owns their Hearst Ranch which consists of over 150 thousand acres. Stephen Hearst is likely worth several billion. Stephen Hearst is an explosive psychopath who is totally insane. The only kind of deaths these psychos deserve is burning them alive. Stephen Hearst needs to be hunted down right now and killed.
Stephen T. Hearst is vice president and general manager of Hearst’s Western Properties. He is responsible for managing Hearst’s extensive ranching, timber and property operations—primarily located in California. Properties include the historic 83,000-acre ranch that surrounds Hearst Castle, the 73,000-acre Jack Ranch in Paso Robles, 63,000 acres of timberlands in Northern California and Hearst’s commercial real estate interests in San Francisco and Southern California.


George Hearst III with Jerry Jennings the former mayor of Albany. Hearst III is another psychopath and a top member of the Hearst family and he runs the Times Union.
George Hearstis the publisher/CEO of the Times Union, the area’s largest multimedia company serving New York’s Greater Capital Region.


Frank Bennack Jr the executive vice chairman of Hearst.
Frank A. Bennack, Jr., is executive vice chairman of Hearst, one of the nation’s largest private companies engaged in a broad range of publishing, broadcasting, cable networking and diversified media and information activities. He is also chairman of the company’s executive committee, a director of Hearst and a trustee of the Hearst Family Trust, established under the will of William Randolph Hearst. In addition, he sits on a number of corporate committees and the Hearst Foundations board, where he has served for more than 25 years.


Austin Hearst or John Augustine Hearst is worth several billion and is another psychotic member of the Hearst family who also needs to be killed. Austin Hearst needs to be killed right now and not tomorrow.

John Augustine Chilton HearstAlso Known As: Austin Hearst, Austin Chilton HearstAt least $2 billion | 66 years old | United StatesPrimary Position: Director, Hearst Corporation
John Augustine Chilton Hearst (born October 24, 1952) is an American business and media executive, film producer and philanthropist.[1][2] He plays a leadership role in the family-owned Hearst Corporation, one of America’s largest diversified media companies where he has been a member of the board of directors since 1990.[3] Hearst is also vice president of special projects for Hearst Entertainment & Syndication,[4] the operating group responsible for the Hearst Entertainment interests in cable television networks, including ESPN, Lifetime, A&E and HISTORY. 
Hearst is the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Chestnut Holdings LLC, a private equity and agricultural development company.[5] He partnered with architect Philippe Stark and hotelier Alan Faena to develop the Faena Hotel+Universe in Buenos Aires.[6]


Christine Gomez-Martello a genetic sub human is employed by the Hearst family and she works for their television stations. She is from Long Island and is connected with various crime families which are involved with trafficking children. Her husband Vincent Martello is an associate of the Colombo crime family. Christine Gomez-Martello is a major child murderer and cannibal who terrorizes people with constant slander and lies. Christine Gomez-Martello is indescribably evil.


Triple H or Hunter Hearst Helmsley is a murderous gang stalking commander and agent of the Hearst family. The McMahon family are French-Irish and the Hearst family are French-Irish.

Paul Michael Levesque (born July 27, 1969), better known by the ring name Triple H (an abbreviation of the ring name Hunter Hearst Helmsley)


Action Bronson is a Jewish-Islamic-Albanian mobster and gangster rapper that is also employed by the Hearsts through their Viceland company. Action Bronson is a top boss over the Albanian Boys and Hellbanianz in the United States.

Ariyan Arslani[4] (born December 2, 1983),[5][6] better known by the stage name Action Bronson, is an American rapper, reality television star, author, and talk show host.[7]
Bronson was born in Flushing, Queens, New York, to an Albanian Muslim father and an American Jewish mother.[8]
Action Bronson is the star of two television shows which air on the Viceland channel


Patty Hearst is a psychotic witch. The Hearst family really are the essence of psychopathy and they spread their psychotic behaviors into society and manage ruthless gang stalkers. Patty Hearst was part of the SLA a left wing terrorist organization where she claimed to be kidnapped. While a member of the SLA she was arrested for bank robbery and was released from prison after 22 months by Jimmy Carter and later pardoned by Bill Clinton. She is a genuine psycho who is from a family worth tens of billions of dollars and she chose to join a left wing terrorist organization probably for fun where she robbed a bank and then was released from prison by a left wing president. Patty Hearst needs to be killed.
Patricia Campbell Hearst (born February 20, 1954)[1] is an American author and actress, and a granddaughter of American publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst. She became internationally known for events following her 1974 kidnapping by the left-wing terrorist Symbionese Liberation Army. She was found 19 months after being abducted, by which time she was a fugitive wanted for serious crimes committed with members of the group. She was held in custody, and there was speculation before trial that her family’s resources would enable her to avoid time in jail. 
At her trial, the prosecution suggested that Hearst had joined the Symbionese Liberation Army of her own volition. However, she testified that she had been raped and threatened with death while held captive. In 1976, she was convicted for the crime of bank robbery and sentenced to 35 years in prison, later reduced to 7 years.Her sentence was commuted by President Jimmy Carter, and she was pardoned by President Bill Clinton. 


Anne Hearst with her husband Jay McInerney. Anne Hearst was Jesuit educated at Regis College and she was also arrested with meth. Her daughter Amanda Hearst was also Jesuit educated at Fordham. 
Miss Hearst, a student at Regis College in Denver, Colo., will spend her probationary period in San Francisco.


Amanda Hearst with her Norwegian husband Joachim Ronning who works as a Hollywood film director. Amanda Hearst was Jesuit educated at Boston College and also at Fordham and she is a cannibal and commander of female gang stalkers.
Fordham Notes
Amanda Hearst, FCLC ’08


Lydia Hearst and her husband Chris Hardwick. Lydia Hearst is also a psychopath and cannibal.
Pope John Paul II has awarded papal knighthood to comedian Bob Hope, news magnate Rupert Murdoch and entertainment executive Roy Disney–all non-Catholics–along with 64 prominent Los Angeles-area Catholics.
Hope, Murdoch and Disney all have Catholic wives, who were named Dames of St. Gregory
The Walt Disney Company
The company is known for its film studio division, Walt Disney Studios, which includes Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight Pictures, and Blue Sky Studios.
Disney also owns and operates the ABC broadcast network; cable television networks such as Disney Channel, ESPN, Freeform, FX, National Geographic network, and A&E Networks


Tim Disney is a high level member of the Disney family and a pedophile. The Disney family are major pedophiles which is why there is a lot sexualization in their programs for children. Pedophiles often find ways to be around children like creating Disney Land and Disney World.

Hearst Communications
It owns 50% of broadcasting firm A&E Networks and 20% of the sports broadcaster ESPN in partnership with The Walt Disney Company.[4]
Timothy Disney – Co-founder, Writer, Director & Producer
As a founder and partner of Uncommon Productions, Tim has written, produced or directed 15 feature films, documentaries, and television programs. Tim serves as President of The Rowena Group, a private investment firm, and as a Director of Shamrock Capital Advisors, a private equity firm specializing in media, entertainment and related technologies. From 1992 to 2000, Tim served as Chairman and CEO of Virtual World Entertainment, a leading developer and operator of 3-D gaming and simulation technology.
Shamrock Holdings, Inc. (Shamrock) was founded by the late Roy E. Disney in 1978 and serves as the investment vehicle for certain members of the Roy E. Disney Family.
William Randolph Hearst Sr. (/hɜːrst/;[2] April 29, 1863 – August 14, 1951) was an American businessman, newspaper publisher, and politician known for developing the nation’s largest newspaper chain and media company, Hearst Communications.
His paternal great-grandfather was John Hearst of Ulster Protestant origin. John Hearst, with his wife and six children, migrated to America from Ballybay, County Monaghan, Ireland
The names “John Hearse” and “John Hearse Jr.” appear on the council records of October 26, 1766He enrolled in the Harvard College class of 1885.


The Undertaker is a WWE wrestler and a murderous gang stalking commander working for the McMahon family which are Irish-Americans just as the Hearst family are Irish-Americans. The Undertaker often drives into the ring in a hearse.

The Undertaker is a murderous psychopath in real life and is an agent of the Hearst family.
Randolph Apperson Hearst
After his graduation from Harvard University in 1938
Signed on May 31, 1650 by Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony Thomas Dudley, the Charter of 1650 established the Harvard Corporation as Harvard’s primary governing board. Harvard continues to operate under the authority of the Charter of 1650 to this day.
The charter of Massachusetts Bay represents still another way in which self-government was established in the English colonies of North America. In this case, the Massachusetts Bay Company, a joint-stock company resident in England, whose membership included merchants and landed gentry, received a charter from the Crown.
“Everything is quiet. There is no trouble. There will be no war. I wish to return.”Hearst sent back a note: “Please remain. You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.”

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