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Virtual Reality Proof – Illuminati Celebrities Have Reptilian Shapeshifting Eyes Video #2

This “iris outside of the eye” phenomenon really does have something to it.

Conspiracy theories about Illuminati celebrities like Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande shapeshifting into Reptilians have been popularized by David Icke and Shane Dawson. But in every new movie and DVD release starring the world’s most beautiful Reptilian women like Angelina Jolie , Kiera Knightley , Georgie Henley , Abigail Breslin , Tilda Swinton , Charlize Theron and movie stars like Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise & Brad Pitt we have 100% proof of Reptilian Shapeshifts as these Hollywood vampire / lizard people boldly display their satanic eyes on camera. It’s the best evidence because it’s verifiable and clear. So if you’re interested in conspiracies like: Illuminati in the music industry , Flat Earth Theory , Elon Musk Simulation Theory , Chemtrails , Pizzagate , Deep State , NASA fake moon landing hoax , UFOs , aliens & the latest paranormal news from “Coast To Coast AM” as well as breaking celebrity gossip about who sold their soul to the Devil …here’s the authentic shapeshifting eyes phenomenon that seems to connect it all together. And each video is like a tutorial on how to spot the phenomenon for yourself. (It’s actually pretty easy.) And the movies of the Illuminati are also 100% explained and analyzed for scary Occult meanings such as why Katy Perry , Lady Gaga , Beyonce and Jay-Z always use the ‘Left Eye’ symbolism of Satan. Shapeshifts are real and can easily be observed in movies and television. Not random occurrences, they are actually part of the art of acting. The actor will shapeshift their eye for specific psychological reasons directly related to what’s happening on-screen. This is what makes it so easy to spot the phenomenon. You simply analyze the character’s motives and zoom-in on the eyes when it makes sense for a shapeshift to occur.
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