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Doctors Says Vacinated Are Permanently Damaged. Good Explanation of Microscopic Clotting Phenomenon. | Why World Domination Was So Easy

This microscopic clotting issue is likely just one of the many subtle nuances of the Grim Reaper that they embedded within their population culling instrument. The whole operation needs to be subtle. Just enough so that people don’t get too too suspicious that they may be scheduled for extermination. How people are unable to see what is happening here is beyond me. Maybe we do need to shed some of the societal deadweight. But it should have never gotten to this point.

They shouldn’t be able to get away with this, but they are and in the end, I fear they will[get away with it]. At least at this rate they will. The public are overall feckless and unwilling to stand up for themselves. Most people are so lost that they’d walk around wearing dildos stuffed up their asses if Dr. Fauci and the WHO and/or CDC recommended it. That’s the point we are at.

This is why world domination was easy….(VIDEO BELOW)

Source: 153news.net

Doctor Says Vacinated Are Permanently Damaged (VIDEO)

He explains the microscopic clotting well.

NZ Doctor speaks out against Vax (VIDEO)

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