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WHITMER KIDNAPPING PLOT THICKENS. This is One of the Sloppiest & Poorly Executed Frame-Jobs I’ve Ever Seen the Feds Attempt Publicly.

They Have the Nerve to Continue Citing Whitmers HOAXED Kidnapping Plot

RUMBLEThe Whitmer kidnapping plot just took another bizarre turn. And when you hear the details of the FBI’s involvement, you will be mildly shocked…

Some high end defense attorneys should be offering up their services pro-bono to these defendants who are being railroaded by Federal Agents and the Governor of Michigan. This is a travesty of justice. This is way out of the league of the public defenders that have been tasked with defending them against this onslaught of political corruption.

It’s pretty clear that Federal Agents in Michigan exist merely to bend to the criminal will of the Governors office, and when called upon, to fabricate crimes against American citizens when it becomes politically advantageous and situationally convenient for them to do so. Governor Whitmer wanted to make “right-wing Trump supporters” look bad, while at the same time, making herself out to have been the potential victim of a henious and dramatic crime if it weren’t for the “heroic F.B.I. agents who infilitrated this alt-right terrorist group”.

Two gems here…

The only problem is, their “White Supremacist Trump supporting Militia Members” that they claimed to have caught planning to kidnap the feckless square-jawed Governor, were actually nothing more than leftist trailer-trash who don’t even have the cash to hire their own lawyers to defend themselves in what is an obvious case of Federal entrapment and overzealous politically motivated legal misconduct from a law enforcement apparatus. They weaponized the F.B.I. by using them to drum up a pathetically laughable criminal case against a group of innocent civilians, all so they could attempt to make Trump supporters look like the White Supremacists that they’re not. To say that the Feds have a lot of nerve in their recent decision to move forward with this case would be an understatement. A sixth grade social studies student would be able to quickly look at a summary of the facts of the case and immediately deduce that the charges being brought against these suspects are a total joke.

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Here’s what happened: a F.B.I. informant went into some random fringy chat room and jokingly-quiped how “funny it would be if they kidnapped Whitmer”. A few of the “anti-Trump, leftist-minded” knuckleheads that were in the chat room, playfully and indirectly agreed and went along with it(that’s how bad Whitmer is. Even the anti-Trump radicals hate her). THAT’S IT! That their case. I’m not kidding. This is the world you live it. It’s embarrassing. How the judge in this case hasn’t thrown these charges out yet is beyond any reasonable speculation.

These child-like drawings are the main crux of their evidence. It’s a joke.
Read affidavit accusing Michigan militia group of plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer

But it’s not just the Judicial system that appears to be on board with this railroad job. Just look at the way the mainstream media has covered this case… these people are insane! This isn’t mere “journalistic spin”. It’s just a lie. I hope their public defenders are talented.

I hate talking about this bitch and this case, but these guys are getting railroaded. I don’t care if they are dirtbag leftists. No one deserves to be setup by their own ass-clown-led Federal Government like this. An agency that’s supposed to be looking out for its citizens, not framing them with non-existent crimes in pitiful and childish attempts to smear the supporters of the President who your boss happens to think is “icky”.

Grow up Gretchen. And while you’re at it, take a belt-sander to the corners of your jaw for goodness sakes. Take some pride in your deceptive androgynous appearance. You’re getting lazy.

These Federal Agents need to dealt with. That an entirely separate issue, but these Feds need to have their power checked by the DIA or someone. They’ve been running around and directly assisting the DemonRats get away with a whole slew of recent crimes. Whether it’s the Whitmer fake kidnapping case or the rampant fraud they helped the left get away with in the past elections. They are always doing the dirty work for that crime syndicate. The military needs to fuck those guys up. That seems to be the only faction they fear. At least judging by the way Comey, Clapper and Brennan used to stare down General Flynn.

I’m not going to stop covering this story just because most people have seemingly allowed Whitmer to get away with propagating a blatant lie by simply getting the mainstream media to repeat her lie often enough in order to eventually pass it off at “credible”. But I’m sorry, this example is way too over-the-top audacious and willfully malicious in nature to be allowed to pass through the news cycle unchecked. Leaders like her need to be permanently removed from, and kept far far away from, any of the meaningful vestiges of power in this society. She’s needs to be made example of in the same way she’s trying to fraudulently and Illegally make an example of these “kidnapping extremist domestic terrorists” that she’s decided pull a frame job on by falsely claiming they were going to try to kidnap her.

Are you following Natural Law Gretchen? You’re not, so this criticism is fair game.

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