Biased Left Media, Censorship, Fake Academia, False History

EXACTLY What’s Wrong With Mainstream Science & Academia in General

This guy hits the nail right on the head. Colleges produce nothing but whiney, brain-dead, terminology-parroting Androids who can’t think one moment for themselves without having a group-thought, peer-reviewed and approved paper to cite along with that unoriginal thought.

It’s pathetic that so many young people have mindlessly accepted this practice as “normal” and “OK”. It’s such an anti-social, intelligence-stiphening practice that has been eroding the character of our college students for years by now. A lot can be blamed on Post-Modernism for this narrow academic landscape and the propensity for the bland moduses of thought we see on display by grad-students from a general intellectual standpoint . But not fully. There is much willful ignorance to go along with the poisonous Marxist garbage. You can’t blame the left for everything, even though you probably could. If that makes sense.

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