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Alex Jones Apologizes to James Alefantis (Pizzagate 🍕): “This is the moment I knew for sure Alex Jones was a complete psyop. He came out the day before the #PizzaGate March in DC with the following video.” -TITUS FROST

Jones coddling the clearly VERY powerful and influential James Alefantis. This Pizza Shop owner, who was named as one of the top 100 most influential people in Washington, was able to get spots on both FOX and InfoWars that were dedicated to proactively clearing his name. That’s fairly incredible and alarming.

Titus Frost pointed out the existence of this video that I did not know about, where Alex Jones dedicates a solid 5 minutes to clearing James Alefantis of any kind of wrongdoing or having been connected in any way to the long list of henious allegations brought up in the the PizzaGate scandal. I’m not really sure what the fuck Jones is even taking about. This case is what it is. The internet recorded everything.

I’m not sure what possible “new” information would exonerate Alefantis. Certainly Jones doesn’t mention at all why he is suddenly backing away from the story and apologizing to the guy. Did I miss something else? We all saw the tweets he posted, we saw his company logo outfitted with pedo-symbolism, we heard the lyrics of the sick bands he would pay to preform there, we saw the disturbing posters up on the walls and we saw a whole slew of additional tweets from Besta & Ping Pong Pizza customers that were unambiguously pedophilia themed and usually also demonic. Slideshow below:

The Millennium Report has also covered these tweets extensively. | #Pizzagate: Comet Pizza Owner James Alefantis’ Posted Hundreds of Suspicious Instagram Pictures Like These

You can see the lamestream still at it in trying to thwart off any new onslaught of anti-Alefantis rhetoric or new talk of PizzaGate. But the cats out of the bag. They must be fooling themselves by looking at their own fake social media and web traffic statistics in order to believe they are actually getting out ahead of this thing by pushing these puff pieces. Most sane people know what’s going on here. Below is Megyn Kelly doing the same thing as Jones.

Alefantis had a spot on FOX with Megyn Kelly that was extra nauseating.

To the point that anyone with even a superficial understanding of the codes these people use to communicate with other pedos would be able see what was going on here. So to see that Jones was one of the ones leading the pack to clear this guy, should tell you all you need to know about InfoWars. If there ever was a human being known as Alex Jones, he’s long gone and now replaced with a subservient synthetic.

Alex Jones’ “Official” Apology to Alefantis.

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