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The Ritual Lies & Magick of the Q-17 PsyOp. The Golden Section(Phi) Defects of the Non-Human Tares. Shiva the Destroyer/Apolloyon & CERN’s Role in Creating Dimensional Portals

There were so many fascinating topics peppered throughout this email thread between me and one of my favorite people to talk to from Italy who’s a subscriber(who’s name I will leave out as not to blow up his spot), that I just threw them all together so they could be read all at once. He has the most mind-blowing insights along strong historical accumen to go along with it. I did this post all the way back in January. I can’t remember why I didn’t post it then. His emails are in:

This typeface

The Ritual Lies & Magick of the Q-17 PsyOp. The Golden Section(Phi) Defects of the Non-Human Tares. Shiva the Destroyer/Apolloyon & CERN’s Role in Creating Dimensional Portals

Q – The Human TraffiQQing Cult of the Freemason Shriner Jesuit Militia – and their 153 FISH CODE | YMCA pagan training school | The YMCA set up their own pagan training school masquerading as “Christian”

“Qanon” query: LINK

These non-human entities(Tares, Reptilians, Malignant Intelligence powered Synthetics, Hybrid Nephilim & Full-blown Nephilim Fallen Angels)that control this world under the thumb of the head Nephilim/Fallen Angels(Lucifer/Lilith/Lord Ashtar & Apolloyon/Abbadon)have clearly been gearing up for something BIG and are preparing to make their move to try usurping the creator God & ultimately replacing him with their own abominable version of divinity and “creation” once and for all. This is the concept of rebuilding Solomons Temple. Creating their own version of the “Most High” on their very own throne/seat of God. Replacing God’s creation(man/the Holy Grail) with a synthetic approximation which is possessed by the legion spirit.

In order to achieve this they must first also force as much of humanities desolation from God as possible. Extinguishing much of the human race in the process, but merely out of convenience. I don’t think killing all of us would serve them very well as they feed off the spiritual energy of human beings and is one of the reasons they resent us so much. There are certain things that we have which were given to us by God that they could never have or create on their own, no matter how much they may try to approximate God’s original creation and replace it out of spite for having been thrown out of heaven for attempting this very same abominable act the first time around.

Shiva the Destroyer & Apolloyon / Abbadon(A bad Don = Donald Trump) the Destroyer are likely both the same entity.

Shiva, Apollyon and Cern; The Destroyers | CERN is home to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). With the LHC, CERN scientists are  trying to undo the things that are made by smashing particles and atoms against each other, that are held together by God. They claim to have found the god particle. https://home.cern/resources/faqs/cern-answers-queries-social-media  
Apollon and Artemis, Shiva and Parvati

Who is the Destroyer?

APOLLYON THE DESTROYER IS A HERMAPHRODITE! – Part 2 – The Beast, False Prophet and the Nephilim Giants are all hermaphrodites.… More

We’ll start from the point where I asked him to talk about the Q17 code.

Hello Jerry, now there are less than 48 hours to go before the truth about operation number Q-17 (Code-Speranza). I personally hope to the last to make mistakes, but by now I see them and Trump is one of them, the son looks like Hunter’s brother, Melania Trans no Trump, brachycephalics, inverts, reptiles, etc. All their race has defects of the Golden Section, the Phi, because it is the matrix of GOD the name of him hidden from him. ‘When I drive out the murderer Cain and mark him and races him with a visible and forever sign’, in fact it is clearly visible, even more opening the mind once the spells of their matrix are broken. Recognizing them is the breaking of one of the seven seals, the golden ratio is only the first step, and it is a constant flaw in their holograms. They are a very intelligent race devoted only to deception and pure evil, without empathy, not human. If operation Q is a black mirror, they have reached the pinnacle of the art of deception. If it is so? they have created a sea of ​​false hope, they have registered everyone with scale and degree of danger, danger for them of course, with the intention of neutralizing and killing us all in one way or another. Possible icing on the cake, a false flag attack to legitimize the violence and perhaps starring the two chickens, the dull rooster and the ridens hen, always laughing, heading into the sacrificial enclosure of the new Capitol, is their style a magical ritual propitious in what awaits us, with the survivor and crowned Hitler-Pelosi as the new director of special operations ‘All chickens in the enclosure’.
Many people will lose hope and it is the end for those who have not
embraced faith, the true Faith given by the search for the truth in Our Lord God the Father, because the victory will be for Man in and for the Son of Man.
It will be really tough and the beginning of the real real fight.

Jerry email response:

Ok, so yes you are right that Trump and family are also non human(Reptilian) serpent seed-bred bloodline Occultists and are complicit in pushing this AntiChrist agenda. Trump is possessed by the same legion spirit entity that inhabited Obama & Bush and also omnipresently inhabits Jared Kushner and many others. I believe that Apolloyon has recently usurped Lucifer as the ruler of this earthly domain after being summoned from the Abyss via many mega rituals and the use of CERN and that everything we see happening right now with all this chaos is all designed to usher in the new one world government that will be lead by this AntiChrist/Apolloyon figure, which may be JFK Jr.

These bloodlines may all very well be the descendents of Cain and they have been bred the way they have been so they are prime for legion spirit(AntiChrist) possession. Though I don't think the bloodlines are as important anymore because they are able to create these 100% synthetic vessels now (Westworld-style) that are even BETTER for legion possession and are controllable remotely using something as simple as an iPhone.

What is this Q17 Speranza? I am not following? I know we both use Google translate, so communication is not as easy.

Great work! Get back to me ASAP. I want to do a comprehensive post on this subject.

I felt stupid for not realizing the obvious insinuation of Q17.

Hi Jerry, the letter Q corresponds to the number 17, which corresponds to Hope and justice, with their yoke of mirrors they created hope and then destroyed it, transforming it into false hope and with so much injustice, too much to bear for many who will surrender without a fight. in addition Q has told the truth about the wickedness of these beings and so these truths too will become lies, the tunnel lies of Q, child enslaved lies of Q, the ritual lies of Q, the torture lies etc. This operation Q was very risky for them in making it credible they released a veritable goldmine of information and now you don’t have to throw the baby out with the bathwater. They are cunningly good at IQ (intelligence quotient) off the scale over 1200, so Philip Schneider said, but they are also totally unimaginative and have only three meager things on their mind (and how they suffer from this inferiority), I think for the operation Qanon have taken their cue from Schneider. 17 for those cursed is revenge, murder, in Italy they are more subtle, Machiavellian if we want and they use the number 8 (1 + 7), in all the murders of the monster of Florence (3), rites that continue to this day and are performed by the Red Rose, they use n ° 8 (17) as a code. The story of the monster teaches a lot about them and thanks to this and the fact that I see them I was able to unmask Q almost immediately, even if with all my heart I wanted to be wrong. However the farce is over, what are we left? What weapons do we have?

What weapons do we already have? seeing them is one and I’m not just talking about TV and virtual, what I told you about the Golden ratio is just a first key and a fact is that males are even easier to identify than females, defects are everywhere in the body. For the second and third step of this key I am not yet able to explain it in words without creating great confusion, I will try in the future I promise you.

Prayer is another weapon, but in which language are they most powerful? I use logic, if the Roman church, a true den of vipers, does everything to suppress Latin in the liturgy (1), if in the monument of the Geogia guidestones (2), it just happens to be the Latin that is missing and if when they insult the our Lord Son of Man in the reverse recorded songs and their most powerful rites is the Latin they use and call it Iesus. For these reasons he learns the Our Father in Latin, and it is the only prayer that has reached us. The evil Jesuit bastard does everything to be able to change and invalidate it (4) and he has succeeded. Be wary of saints and madonnas (isis-orus) goddess with a thousand names and eggs. The churches, especially ancient ones, are built on energy needles, many were power plants, centers of regeneration and healing thanks to sound, before the last reset 1840 ??? (5). These places have filled them with the dead and even more with statues of their demons disguised as saints and all facing you, but if you know it and drive them away even for a while you will feel the energy that surrounds you. Strange true, there is never God in church, it is because they are afraid of him and do not allow themselves to lose him around as they do with the Only Begotten Son and with us. Therefore, do not worship any idol, anyone. Our banner is of only one color, the white of truth, our symbol is not a cross, the first symbol of Saturn, but a sword planted in the earth (6). For this they tease us with the utmost offense and nail Our Lord to the sword stuck in the ground, now we can re-extract it and use it, only against them in the matrix world.

For the rest, I take time, as we all have to do, buy time for research and stay on top of things now,

Lord watch over you always, with great affection Gian Luca.


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You've nailed it right on the head with the nature of their high technical IQ but wholly unimaginative methods. Great analogy with "throwing the baby out with the bathwater". They mix truth with lies, just like the esoteric practice of Gray Magick and why I watch channels like "Tamara Magdalene", knowing that she is also an Occultist, but I crave the bits of truth embedded within her lies.
Much of the "Cabal Arrests" by Trump that Q was talking about, were really just infighting and bloodlines wars/vying for power between the serpent seed bloodlines. They had no benevolent intentions for humanity. It was always a farce. There are no "white hats". No "ALLIANCE", definitely no "GALACTIC FEDERATION". It's embarrassing that people buy that shit. Their leader "Ashtar" aka "Lucifer".
BTW... do you buy into the narrative that Lucifer has been "killed" or at least locked away in the Abyss by Apolloyon, who was recently summoned from the Abyss via several mega rituals(9/11, Switzerland tunnel opening) and is now the Supreme commander of the legion spirit on earth? I've been hearing a lot about Apolloyon having recently usurped Lucifer for Dominion of earth. I've also heard that Lilith has usurped Lucifer, but I always thought Lilith WAS Lucifer. The AntiChrist (Apolloyon) has definitely arrived one way or another and will lead the AntiChrist Chinese army against the world.
Let me know what your opinion is on that paridigm? Yeshua as a Babylonian slur and the sacred name stuff. A Talmudic slur via the Jesus-hating Pharises) I try not to get too mixed up with the "sacred name" stuff as much. God knows I mean the "creator God" of the Hebrew Bible & Abrahamic religions and his son the Messiah who died for our sins. Even if he was hung from a post/tree and stoned to death and not nailed to Latin T-shaped demonic cross. I try not to get too worked up about the sacred names. There has been so much meddling of scripture.
Ohh CERN Meyrin Geneva Switzerland Ottogon. Templar, cabbage here opens the real jar of worms and is the most difficult topic ever, where even the most science fiction hypotheses are reality. But first I wanted to explain my discourse on the cross better, I am more than convinced like you that he was not crucified at least in that way, Why the Parsifal <Galgano ?, the Holy Grail is man, he represents the man who is lost, he has lost himself his spirit which is in his blood, he no longer sits around a round table where all men are born equal and his act of planting the sword replicated by all of us would be a sure and quick victory, that’s why it represents us, but we no longer remember it. Now think about how they have fun, they exchange our very similar to their favorite saturn symbol plus nailed on top of our Savior, they are bastards. The Lord was categorical and warned us several times, do not worship symbols or people, he knew very well that they would deceive us. In the apocrypha of Thomas and Philip, I go to memory, ‘Break a piece of wood and I will be there, raise a stone and you will find me’ God is in his works, not in ours much less in theirs. It is like the rosary, the chain of beads of Catholics, in reality they are the tears of Shiva the destroyer and protector of CERN.
Shiva alias EnKi ‘lord earth’ the one who knows all the secrets of medicine, alias Luxcifer. Here we are at CERN, no I don’t think they have buried or made to disappear the true mind and supreme director of the portal project, among other things it is said that it works in only one direction, ours. I see it more as a lair of the spider Violin, but what do we really know about this place ?, it was started in 54 by twelve countries, Italy in the lead (12? Dei?), In 61 they threw out Yugoslavia (? Death of Bacchus? ), then over the years other 12 countries joined and now there are 23 all EU Serbia is back in the ranks last, the current director is the horrible Fa-bio.la -Giano.tti, in office for two terms and look at the case from 2016/2020 and 2021/2025 does it remind you of anyone? Desirée will certainly be an obscure figure but on the Two-faced Janus she had hit the mark. They go crazy for word games and the names do not choose them at random, they change them often, but they regularly leave an encrypted reference, which is why I think, that Apollo (god of the sun) and Luxcifer (the bringer of light) are the same pedant be evil. Another thing I know the cern was built on a needle of the earth an energy point as strong as the pyramids and happily make human sacrifices to us, in a video released on yt a couple of years ago it shows a woman who spontaneously got stabbed in the chest by an obscure handful of hooded men right in the main square and in front of the statue of shiva, who will then make us in full French and Catholic Switzerland at the most important research center in Europe, no one knows. The video made a lot of noise even in the ms.,They made it pass for a goliardic joke of high school boys, there was also a judicial investigation which ended at the brothel in the neighboring town awaiting entry permits. Incredible. Last but not least personally the most revealing, the birth in the center of the word-wide-web, the infernal web. To think that it was born by chance, as they say, for the need to exchange text messages is really embarrassing to believe. When you leave for a project like this with a ring of 36 km in circumference, another 4 or 5 smaller but still gigantic with a precision at the limits of technology perhaps beyond, structurally impressive, how secret and apart from the bullshit that the scientific newspapers write, all bitches from science fiction divine progressive, just cover shit written under dictation by failed crime writers, nothing is known about the place. But if one believes that we are wandering through space at absurd speeds with the Chinese heading towards then feed him the grass and we are fine. All this research for what then? ‘look for the particle of god’ the anti matter, already what God? which subject? they are always hidden in plain sight. The VIVIVI network (in Roman just to add) is an integral part of the project and essential from the beginning, 5g is only the amplification of the network itself, nothing more. The network started from there Meyrin, the center of the den and from now on it expands in all directions like a spider that weaves its web and never stops, captures brains and people and makes cocoons to eat then calmly. And all these rings that q defines a double dimensional portal, could also have other functions I don’t know fantasizing it could also be a quantum engine, Q speaking and giving a kind of electromagnetic discharge and at the limit I don’t know, fry us all. For some prophecies this would happen in the three days of darkness. No, no this is really a can full of shit and about one thing I’m absolutely certain, nothing though.
Hi Jerry, you don’t know how much I have to tell you either. Now I know how to explain to you the Gift of Serenity and more. By gift I mean, I want to clarify: they are not my Gifts. It is not something that I dispose of as I please. Absolutely not, I want to be very clear on this point. The Gifts belong to all of us, to those who seek them, to those who want to seize them. In reality Jerry, they are yours, they have always been yours and you will only find them within yourself. In my small way, I can only try to trace the path. Since I’m already at another fixed point in the minefield, I’ll just try to redraw the map, as best I can. If you arrive, you will grasp the power of Serenity, with it its Strength, the strength of the just. Indispensable to defend the Truth and with it, you will defend your Serenity. This will give you a key, the key will open a door and inside it you will find a very ancient weapon. A weapon that will protect you from the cold, a weapon that will give you the ability to move, to move at will. Which is no small thing considering the times. It will be wide enough to protect those close to you. This weapon will make you and those in your Heart truly, totally invisible to the enemy. And believe me, it is absolutely essential to face the horror that awaits us. More simply; The Cloak of Arthur/Adamu. Seizing it is also crucial to proceeding safe to the next period and collecting the next wonderful Gift+Weapon. You already have the Shield, it’s the Flat Earth, it’s just a matter of using it properly. In order to best do this, we will need to use caution. What I’m writing to you will only be understood by awake Men and only some of them. And to do this I will have to use only Italian, with all its poetic license, to the maximum that I can. It is also the only way to make it simpler and more immediate. It will be a real feat for an ignoramus like me. But you on the other hand, you should avoid using, google translator (watch out) or any other tool on the net. This is just my advice, nothing more. It sounds crazy what I’m writing to you, believe me sometimes I thought so too, seriously. But then I think back to what I saw out there today and I immediately come to my senses, (it’s the defeated woodworms that would like to get out of their cage, the Titans). No the crazy people are out there absolutely. Then consider that I live in the country, in a more advanced state of decomposition. Use us as a measuring stick. We are in the lead, first, a couple of lengths behind, Israel follows. They’ve totally shut us down. Today I was wandering in the desert and I’m the only one who still walks around without a mask, since always, here it’s something unthinkable. They carry it in the car, at home, on the bike, nobody greets, nobody returns a greeting, they change sidewalks! No one asking a question, that’s the best way to make them run away, they flee immediately. I thought after 12 months something will move? Wrong, they get worse and worse, they go downhill all the time. It’s unbelievable. The reality is madness, an immense madness. No I’m not the crazy one. Many years ago, a Colombian acquaintance of mine, seeing someone walking hunched over, hunched over himself, said to me: Do you know why he walks hunched over? It’s the weight of his shame, and he’s going to bend over more and more if he doesn’t make up for it. Words of wisdom. Other than bring good luck, “touch the hump”, would you touch a poisonous worm? That is their fate.  Forgive me for repeating myself, but I too am learning and arguing more and more as I write to you.
By opening this chapter I will tell you who we really are and consequently you will know who they really are.  What I am writing will make you pull your sword from the stone (stein) a little more. Excalibur is Your Mind.      How do you kill Mother Earth? By drying her up? But like this, she is only sick. Ice kills her, only ice kills her. And so too, you kill another Element of Life, Water. Now you know for sure where Eden was. They say that Man uses at most seven (7) percent of his mind. One of the highest expressions, of genius, contemporary was their; Einstein. (In the old days he was Pico della Mirandola, one of us, now I know for sure. Correcting another mistake of mine). The average of us wretched beings, according to them, is 3 or 4 percent. But look; we have another Stein, then 7 and 3+4, always 7. What’s left from the hundred is 93. But what is this ninety-three ? It comes up often, even Adam disappeared at 93(0) years old. Also for DNA, first they said 3, then 4, now 7. Going so far as to say that 93% of our double helix is junk. They will see shortly, the bastards if it is junk!   What is the secret? Why is silence golden? I can find no better way to explain it than to start with this example; Do you know that the computer, the electronic brain, if it has to do 10×10=100, does 10+10+10+etc=100? It is not able to do multiplication. Like the highly intelligent cerebro, it can’t! (I’m literally laughing with Joy). And why can’t he? Because multiplication belongs to Fantasy, to Man. What about the secret? If you observe today’s society, it is made for the mediocre, it is governed by the mediocre, qualified and not always. But only in the specific field. They surround themselves only with incompetent people, even more appreciated if they are cowardly, ready to tear apart any companion, for a miserable bone thrown by the master. There is no room for those who excel, no, only humiliation reserved for them. Even the incompetent are treated better. Especially to those who don’t wear the grades on their shoulder, like me for example, who have only the eighth grade. The most popular phrase now is “But you are not a doctor! How can you argue that oxygen is needed, and it is life to man.” (Syllogism: You don’t have a degree=you’re an idiot)/(Indeed; you have a degree=you’re a know-it-all idiot, super programmed). Mediocrities are also extremely jealous of their narrow knowledge. They would rather kill than make one of their peers a part of it. In reality, they are the stupid ones, the ones who at most can get to 7%, the ones who need the secret to survive, the ones without Fantasy. Yes, the 3+1=4+3=7 (Trinity+Demiurge), they may be very intelligent, but only them, because they are so jealous. But they have only one thing on their mind, like the sa van, morons and they are, “demented”. Now you also know to whom all that splendor of Tartary belonged and to whom true knowledge, wisdom belonged. Who were the Giants, it was Us, before we shrunk at every rebirth, for the weight of our faults. That worm Odin/Orus, had to take out one eye to steal the secret of the Runes. And it was also our mistake to try to fight them by the same means. It led us to fall into their spiral, making us roll more and more downwards, in limbo. Now I understand many things about Dante’s Divine Comedy. I am also lucky enough to have a very old copy (A.Vellutello-F.Marcolini, Venice 1544). The oldest printed at the press, full of wonderful woodcuts and very valuable. With a unique feature; 34 cantos Inferno, 33 cantos Purgatorio and 33 cantos for Paradiso. It has an extra one in Hell, not sure why yet? But I will find out shortly and share it with you, rest assured. If you always want to. Dante was also a Templar (says the msm) and is buried right here in Ravenna. I have so much to tell you about the Templars, my head might explode if I don’t. But let’s go in order; be patient “Luca”. (I smile, I’m already on my third person).
I’m sorry, you don’t know how much I want to give you and donate the Serenity and Happiness I feel right now.  Everything they have is because they stole it from us, we don’t remember it anymore. You see, when they teach in school that it was Prometheus, a Titan, (the one who could prophesy, the bringer of light=LuxCifer), who gave us fire, stolen on Mount Olympus, wrapped in a fennel leaf (faggot), it was always him, one of the three. Zeus angry seeing the fire on earth, sent; Crato, Bia, Hephaestus. To nail him, according to some, chain him according to others, to a tree, on the distant and desert mountain, Caucasus. He ordered a vulture to rip open his ribs, to eat his liver, (does that remind you of anyone?). They always swap parts and often use the crossword game the ; “Concentric Target”. So much more you can read about Prometheus. Also that he tried to ingratiate himself with Zeus, imitating him in creating men with clay, but he never succeeded, he even hid one from him, Jupiter. That fire, everyone will tell you; one of the 5 elements. No! Wrong, it is an anti-element, an element of death. Nothing scares Man more than being burned or eaten alive. Typical custom to execute, of Rome and its church. The one of life is the sun. Second and last I write in clear, there are already too many sorcerers out there. We are categorically forbidden, to cast spells, use magic and deify. That’s why I wrote to you that our flag is a totally white cloth, (they even take the piss out of us, associating it to surrender, to cowardice). And to never use symbols connected to the Spirit, to prayer. What do we need this stuff for? We didn’t even need fire. Once on earth you walked around all the time wrapped in a simple robe and with a pair of sandals at most. A reason why the supposed covid patients today, are cremated, like in 1919 “the Spanish Flu”, or “The Black Death 1348”, indeed here they also used quicklime, they wanted to put their signature on it the mason/stein bastards. It’s tied to the soul, you don’t lose it because of that, as they want you to believe. But it will be greatly affected, especially if you choose this, there won’t be much left of you.  Life is a cycle, you will find it harder and harder to find yourself. If you don’t mind, from now on, I would like to use only our Way book, the Gospels, especially the apocrypha, but not Judas’, a shameless forgery. Same with the Qumran caves, I guess nothing true came out of there. I’ll just use something from the Nag Hammadi codices, the various Slavs and Armenians, and the Greco-Roman Mythology, instead of the Torah, the Babylonian Talmud. The Mythology is more complicated at first glance, but it gets easier, having the keys to the crossword puzzle, and much easier for me to explain the Gifts. It’s always the same story anyway. (The Gifts, are our spiritual weapons, no wizard stuff).  Correcting another mistake I made; I was wrong to tell you that Parsifal and Galgano are the same person, no. Parsifa(l) was a woman, (Morgana). Who gave birth to the Minotaur (killed by Theseus), to spite Minos. Those bastards who put the poem on parchment, switched the names, to mess with us. Galgano is the closest name to the real thing, for now. The second part of the poem took place right here, in our mountains, where they took refuge. Up the Santerno valley of the river of the same name, all the way to Tuscany. (The one from which the scale of geological eras takes its name; Santernina scale. Because you can see, in its valley, more geological eras than anywhere else in the world, 17 if I remember correctly). What a coincidence, huh. I love those mountains, but they’ve always given me a sense of angst. Now I know why. Now I know.
What I will tell you now, creates immense pain in me, I struggle so much to write it down. It was, not like seeing it, but the pain made it,…I can’t explain it. I don’t think I ever will. It’s not rational. Somewhere up there in Russia or maybe in the center I don’t know, it was so cold. They nailed, with one nail, to the Sacred tree and pierced his Heart, with that damned spear of Longinus/Odin. This they did to my Beloved Father, Father of us all. To my Beloved King of Kings, Adam the Only Begotten. How much pain I have felt and feel now, how many tears I have shed, how many han wet my face. I miserable servant, I will never stop feeling so much pain. And it is nothing. I want to unhinge that 93 now, I want to shatter it into a thousand pieces. Injustice drives me to anger and I don’t have to. No I don’t have to and I would never make it. I have a long way to go and very little time, I can only try to get out. You see, now the bug that the bastard put in me, has activated and gives my location. This is exactly how it works, believe it or not. I have my head out of the cloak and they sniff you out. The Gifts cost a lot of effort, but it only takes a moment to lose them, even all of them. That’s why you must never hurt your brothers. Even to those who only have the wind blowing in their heads, now not even that because of the mask. You’ll be able to defend yourself, but never hurt. It will be very hard to stay on the Way. For now we’ll have to remain motionless in front of the dragon. Do nothing, it’s still unbeatable now. Just look for the Way, find yourself. This is the best advice I can give you.
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