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Prism Lights | Old World Toronto | Megalithic Niagra Escarpment | Mud Flooding with Beags – Michelle Gibson, Stuffed Beagle

Michelle Gibson is a brilliant researcher and one on the best content creators when it comes to subject matter revolving around our falsified historical narrative, the Mudflood, and the controller owned & operated prison Matrix system that we’re stuck in. She goes into great detail about all the advanced antiquitech we used to have that’s been lost that the NON-HUMAN parasites scudled into the Abyss of history. h

However I am not as optimistic as her that the controllers “won’t get away it this time” and that we will somehow come together as a species and come out victorious in the end. I think she’s right in that they won’t get away with keeping the truth completely hidden away any longer. Enough people have caught on to what’s really going on by now that our awareness is only going to grow exponentially. But from a logistical standpoint, I think they will get away with everything. I might not have said that 2 years ago, but after seeing how feckless and braindead most of the population is, I have no hope that even the most startling and undeniable revelation would do anything to convince any of these Sheeple of anything. The Insectoid controllers could reveal themselves to the world live on “Morning Joe” one morning and tell everyone exactly what they’re planning to do to us(and have been doing to us), ALL their diabolic plans, and it still wouldn’t matter. Not even a little bit. Humanity is lost.

Stuffed Beagle

I had never heard of these “Prism Lights” that psiphoned energy wirelessly and produced free light for sidewalks in cities. “Stuffed Beagle” is the channel that made this discovery. They have lots of good general Mudflood content too.

Michelle Gibson mentions to look into diagrams of the niagara escarpment for evidence of having been built by Nephilim giants using immense megalithic blocks. It’s hard to find great up-close photos of the masonry work, but you can see the scale of the construction from afar.

St Lawrence Seaway: Eastern Great Lakes, the Niagara River and Welland Canal Replacement, Maintenance and Protection

Another example of a now-abandoned, perfectly-engineered tunnel works. One of many that exist across all of North America.


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