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The Truth About Slavery & the True Nature of the Underground Railroad & Our Buried(Literally) Past

Nicolas Augustin Metoyer of Louisiana owned 13 slaves in 1830. He and his 12 family members collectively owned 215 slaves.

HISTORY: The First Legal Slave Owner in America Was a Black Man

Am I denying the existence of slavery? No way. In fact the truth about slavery seems to be far worse and more harrowing than the mainstream historical narrative leads on. Far worse in that it appears that slavery in the Americas was not just limited to whites who owned blacks, but was really a situation where anyone could enslave anyone else, of any race. Though many of these “slaves” were actually under work contract and were actually paid. Whites were owned by blacks, Chinese were owned by blacks and whites, blacks were owned by Native Americans and even Native Americans had both white and black slaves. Additionally, many of these “black” people were indigenous to North America and were here when the Europeans supposedly first arrived in the late 1400’s. The mixed race Druids, the Sythians and the Moors are just a few of these dark skinned aboriginal peoples that had been here for a long time before European colonization occurred and were not brought here from Africa against their will.

Dane Calloway is the best source on this subject matter.

The true nature of the underground railroad being nothing more than the ground levels of the remains of an ancient metropolitan infrastructure makes so much damn sense to me its not even funny. I’ve spoken before on “The Chinkana” in Peru which is a VAST underground “tunnel” complex that stretches from Southern Chile all the way up into the Southwestern United States. The Vatican has strategically built on top of many of the entrances to these underground labyrinths of tunnels, which are usually located underneath these ancient “churches” to begin with. “Churches” which we know we never originally places of worship, but advanced antiquitech that were used for a variety of energy generating and frequency-generating healing purposes.

These tunnels are way too architecturally sound, elaborately built and precision engineered to have been the result of a hastily thrown together underground escape route that was created by abolitionists for slaves that were on the run trying to escape from the South. I’m not saying that these tunnels weren’t used for that purpose after the fact, but they certainly weren’t originally built for that purpose. This is all infrastructure from a ruined civilization that’s been hidden from us. Unfortunately for the controllers, we now have the internet and are able to easily share information with others from around the world and in turn, the pieces are finally coming together and revealing the big picture to those who are willing to look. The veil is starting to lift.

There was just no way they were going to be able to hide everything forever. Though, Academia has been trying their best to make us look like wackos. We mustn’t ever seek their approval. In fact, we must revel in our continued disassociation with mainstream Academia. I would never want their approval on anything. These institutions are compromised are incapable of reform. The current system needs to be dissolved. The entire Academic landscape of collegiate jackass libtards who just repeat the work of whatever professor signed off on their useless PHD while in grad-school is nauseating. All they do is regurgitate the work of some pretentious ideologue who stood on the shoulders of Jesuit liars to come up with their research to begin with and is the exact opposite of what true discovery and learning should really be all about. True discovery has been held back and discouraged because of this neverending cycle of peer-reviewed institutional insanity.

The saying “you need to become a fool to learn the truth of this world” really does ring true. You need to throw away just about everything you’ve been taught about our worlds history and start completely from scratch. It’s the only way. If you want to hold on to your victimhood-drenched false history, go for it. Just don’t ever come back to my site. Go back into your terrarium safe space of falsehoods and rock back and forth in the corner repeating the same lies over and over for all I care if that’s what makes you feel better. For me, acceptance, approval & conformity are all alien and inconsequential concepts that the truth is usually incompatible with. The truth is not for everyone. If it makes you too uncomfortable to talk about, then stay out of it. But don’t ruin it for those of us who do care about reality.

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Today in Tartaria Explained! Pt6 we uncover the mystery of Subterranean Tunnels and Buried Cities. Many are unaware that just about every major city in America and around the world has underground components or foundations upon which they were built. Many of these were hidden and covered up because this would imply that there was in fact an ancient civilization that was here before many of these cities were established. The modern-day story of the Underground Railroads and slaves is a perfect example of historians trying to hide this past by saying that this was just a metaphor for the routes and safe houses that slaves would take in their attempt to be freed. Yet is there is another explanation? Why would you even call it Underground Railroads? This story begins to fall apart once we explore the massive amount of evidence for underground networks and cities that have been abandoned and forgotten. Is there a hidden world beneath us that has been systematically removed from our education systems?

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