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Inherited Locomotive Technology & Track Infrastructure From the Old World

How come these cities seemed to enjoy the luxury of these very advanced Monorails at the turn of the century, but today are rare to come across? Why did we digress?

The Schwebebahn (monorail), in Wuppertal, Germany, built in 1900 and still in operation.(LIFE Images)

Like most the antiquitech that we find from the old world, these trains and the infrastructure they traveled on, were WAY ahead of their time. Those who believe that these trains and the massive track infrastructure they were built on were constructed at the turn of the century, when we were just starting to build heavy machinery and industrialize our economy, is assinine. These were clearly things that were inherited, just like everything else technologically anomalous that we see from this historical period.

These “Worlds Fairs” were showcases for this inherited technology, before being dismantled and buried away into the archives of history to be lied about for generations to come. What an inspirational story about the history of our world and of humanity. 😒😠

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