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New Evidence Shows 91 Subway Trains Were Flooded, Implying Tens of Thousands of Deaths in China. CCP Actively Covering Up the True Death Toll

So it seems like the CCP is covering up the fact that the death toll from the widespread flooding is actually possibly in the hundreds of thousands. 91 trains flooded in total. If all 91 trains were at full capacity(which they usually are), then almost 200k people would have been trapped in those flooded tunnels. The CCP has been literally hunting down any of the survivors, just for the purpose of making sure they didn’t get away with any footage of what actually happened. This is crazy.

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[GT Online] New Evidence Shows 91 Subway Trains Were Flooded, Implying Tens of Thousands of Deaths

 — 26.07.2021 05:03 GNEWS

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Although the flood has receded from Zhengzhou, Henan Province, the inquiry into the real death toll from the flood should not end. The latest posts below reveal stunning details for us to estimate the casualties in the subway system alone.

Translation of the Post 1:

My friend who is working in Zhengzhou XXX Insurance Company said that in total, 91 subway trains had been flooded and that their company had to pay out RMB 4 billion for the loss… (Eventually, we know how many subway trains have been flooded).

Post 1

Translation of Post 2:

Zhengzhou government announced that 91 subway trains were trapped in the flood. Each train comprises 6 carriages and each carriage can accommodate 1870 passengers. Therefore, 91 trains can accommodate 170,000 people. At the time the trains were flooded, the carriages are usually full or even overloaded. Even if we assume all the carriages were half full, there would be 85,000 people trapped in the subway in that period. Then can the government tell us exactly how many people were drowned in the subway system?

Post 2

Now, with more evidence emerging online and more intelligence provided by whistleblowers in Henan Province, we know for sure that death toll from the flood is in the tens of thousands, which is in itself a manmade disaster as a result of the political infighting between the gang of local officials and the top provincial leaders appointed by Xi Jinping.

Now the CCP has dispatched the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army to clear the flooded tunnels and ship out bodies with trucks of which the cargo compartments were wrapped in black cloth. Everyone with the slightest common sense knows what they are trying to do.

More sinisterly, as Mr. Miles Guo revealed in his July 24 broadcast, the CCP are rounding up the following people:

  1. people who fled the flooded Jingguang Tunnel, especially those with video records of what happened there;
  2. people who have insider information about the government decision to discharge the flood from the brimming reservoirs BEFORE the rainstorm hit Zhengzhou;
  3. people who participated in the execution of the above government decision;
  4. people who have collected slews of information and evidence about the flood.

By now, more than 1000 people have been arrested for these reasons. This is an old trick the CCP has been playing for years. Whenever any disaster happens, it has people do the dirty work and clean up the site and then it ties up the loose ends by disappearing those involved and destroying all the evidence. However, in the internet era, we will not let such tragedies sink into oblivion and will continue our fight to take down this evil regime with more truth.


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New Evidence shows 91 subway trains were flooded and the CCP is arresting people to cover up the truth


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