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Cuomo the Human Shit Stain and the US DOJ | DOJ Drops Investigation Into Cuomo Nursing Home Scandal

I’ve felt the exact same way for a while by now… When you have a rapist and murderer like Cuomo who’s the Governor of New York, mouthing off to the press about vaccinations like the Satanic cum rag he is, it can get infuriating. But what can we do? The whole game is rigged. It’s not like there was ever any chance that Cuomo would be held accountable in the first place. He’s probably not even a real person. You can’t punish a Robotoid. There is a bigger game being played here. They want us to get mad about Cuomo being let off the hook. They want us to think this stuff matters. It doesn’t.

Source: 153news.net | MattyD 4Truth

Cuomo the Human Shit Stain and the US DOJ (VIDEO)

you know, hate is a very strong word…….

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Duration: 04:47
Date:  2021-07-28 05:21:21
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