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Prison Camp in British Columbia: RCMP VANDERHOOF

Auto-debunkers on Twitter tried claiming it was a work camp. Nice try. They aren’t even hiding the fact that it’s an empty jail. But I’m glad they brought up the work camps, because I’m sure they are retrofitting those into jails too.

Think about it. There is going to be a huge chunk of us that will simply never submit, no matter how much coercion they use. They will have to eventually deal with us. What do you think they plan on ultimately doing with us? Death or jail.

I’m ready to go full blown Mad Max at any given moment. A sick part of me is looking forward to it. I’d thrive in that environment. Will you? I’d get your affairs in order if I were you. Because I’m going suicide by pig before I’d ever let them take me to one of those facilities.

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