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Chris Watts Sighting? ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE

The Chris Watts story is an uber-creepy one, but it’s important that we talk about this stuff so they don’t keep trying this ritual murder horseshit. That’s most definitely what these murders were. Much like the Laci Peterson murder.

At first, I didn’t think that those 2 people were the same individual. But after looking more carefully, Tamara might be onto something here.

Additionally(and more importantly), I believe that Chris Watts is also a victim here in that he was very likely a MK-Ultra patient himself and has thus been programmed with many separate personality “alters” over the years. One as a loving father and family man and another as an adulterous child-murderer who was capable of smothering his 2 young daughters in the back seat of his pickup truck before stuffing their bodies in an oil tank on his job site.

When Watts was forced to watch the footage of him loading the kids(they were still alive at the time) and Shanays body into the truck, that was the first he had even seen of what had happened to his family up to that point. He was likely just as confused as everyone else as to where Shanay and the kids had gone. Showing him in the way they did, with all the imagery of the fetus on the screen at the same time, was all by design and part of the trauma-based mind control programming. I also think there is a good chance that Chris Watts isn’t even human and is a straight-up Robotoid. If you watch Westworld you know that the hosts are able to recall memories like digital movie footage and remember scenes perfectly. After Chris Watts was imprisoned following his confession, he made bizarre statements to the press about one of his daughters coming to visit him in his cell and doing a dance for him. I believe this could have been one of these digitally copied memories that was uploaded into his synthetic consciousness. Just a theory.

I know I rag on Tamara Magdalene a lot for being Lilith and practicing Gray Magick, which is all still true….BUT, she does make good videos once and a while and this one she did on the Watts murders was one of her best. She totally exposes the Masonic cops and the Illuminati hand signals that are made throughout the video by Watts and the police.
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