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Rita Wilson Trying to Pass Off 5 Year Old Pics of Hanx as “Recent”


Sloppy sloppy Rita. Posting 5 year old pics of your dead husband Hanx and claiming them as recent. Shame on you Rita. You dumb bitch.

How’s the “Enders Game” protocol working out? Better than anticipated huh? I didn’t think you’d get as many mindless sheeple to go along with your waxxination campaign as you’ve been able to. It’s astonishing. Good for you Rita. What’s even more astonishing is how many people will jump and exclaim that there is nothing to see here and that Tom & Rita just happened to start tweeting out Corona typewriters and end of the world related novels, all by coincidence, all at the same time, all while he and his cronies were getting rounded up by rival Occultist, Mr. T.


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