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The EndTimes Role of the Aliens (and Their Alien Chief) – The Prophecies of Otrok Vyacheslav, p 5

The EndTimes Role of the Aliens (and Their Alien Chief) – The Prophecies of Otrok Vyacheslav, p 5 (VIDEO)

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Sylvie does an incredible job explaining the truth about what we both believe to be the true demonic and dark nature of “Aliens”. She discusses the upcoming planned “hoaxed” Alien Invasion that we all need to be prepared for or at the very least cognizant of. And as usual she gives more fascinating insight into what various religous prophets and her own research had led her to predict regarding what is about to happen on this planet to those who have taken “the Mark”. They will soon realize just how foolish their decision was and many will scramble to commit suicide only to find that their now-entrapped soul is stuck in an infinite timeloop of horrors and death is no longer a possibility for them. Lucifer warned us himself for crying out loud:

I’m glad I’m not the only one who is tired of coming across people who cannot understand the fallacy behind their assumption that a technologically superior race of aliens would be inherently benevolent and would want to help us. Why is this foolish and naive baseline assumption so common? The explanation that they will provide me for this assinine assumption when I ask them to explain themselves, goes something like this:

Any race of “being” that has reached a level of what we would see as a “god-like” technological prowess, would have to be unconditionally benevolent in nature, simply because they’ve succeeded in developing into such an advanced, technocratic-like utopian culture without having destroyed themselves along the way and in the process. The way an inherently evil or flawed race inevitably would have.

I’m not sure who came up with that stupid-ass theory, but I hear it A LOT.

I usually laugh directly in their faces when I hear them stumble through trying to explain the rationale behind that pile-of-shit argument. But after mocking them, I’ll take a more serious and solemn tone and ask them to tell me what they thought the guy below was thinking(I show them the pic on my phone) as these “Aliens” were mutilating his body WHILE HE WAS STILL ALIVE? The specifics in the autopsy reports of some of these human and animal abduction & mutilation victims will stick with you and haunt you forever. Stay far far far away of any “Alien” being or any “Galactic Federation” of interdimensional light-jackasses who say that they are here to “heal” humanity and hook us up, “just because“.

HERE’S a more detailed piece that I found on the known cases of human mutilations that are suspected to be the work of the occupants of UFO’s that were spotted in the areas of the killings at the same time. It talks about the Datylov Pass incident as well.

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I still have a lot of respect for Sylvia and “New Earth” has always been one of my favorite channels. She combines the esoteric, spiritual and paranormal studies with archaeological and megalithic studies, which is the exact same thing I do. So obviously I’m a big fan of hers. However, she still hasn’t seemed to catch on that Emmanuel/Immanuel(Jesus Christ) is one of the avatars of the Demiurge and not the son of the true creator God. In fact, the word “god” is an artifact of the Demiurge and is an anagram for the “dog” star, Sirius B, the Draconian home planet of the architect of our false reality Matrix prison. He goes by many names: The Purple Rainman, The Horned God, Abbadon, Apolloyon, Marchosis, Moloch, Enlil, Bobz, Buddha, Muhammad, Vishnu, Krishna, Oden and one of his(its) oldest names that few know, “Godyale”. Otherwise known as Lucifer. The Dragon/Devil.

The EndTimes Role of the Aliens (and Their Alien Chief) – The Prophecies of Otrok Vyacheslav, p 5

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The EndTimes Role of the Aliens (and Their Alien Chief) – The Prophecies of Otrok Vyacheslav, p 5newearth1,476 viewsAug 17, 2021When The Survivors of Atlantis and Hyperborea Wake Up… EndTimes Prophecies… Expeditions…

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