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I hadn’t featured any of Divergents new videos in a while, so he was due.

The Moon landing hoax is one of the easier “conspiracies” to get others to fairly quickly nod along in agreement with when people like us show them just how bad of a job NASA did in putting this whole despicable operation together and [not] pulling it off..

The narrative is a joke and all their footage is filled with anomalies, laughable errors and logistical oversights.

The condition of the LEM in the official photos that are provided by NASA is one of the more shocking oversights of whole operation and almost seems to be some kind of running inside joke within NASA, leading me to suspect that the release of these LEM images in such a laughable condition, using such laughable materials ,was actually purposefully done as a means of mocking the sheeple.

The lack of stars in any of the shots we got from NASA during the moon missions or in any of the modern images from the surfaces of a variety of other planetary bodies that we’ve(all of humanities “space” programs) sent rovers to, should be a nail in the collective coffin for the “outer space is a real thing” theory. But unfortunately, these days people will believe ANY debunk routine they hear, so long as it comes from a mainstream source. It could be the most runaround, bizzare, nonsensical explanation you’ve ever heard, but the average sheeple will eagerly and obediently nod along in agreement. They’ll then soon forget why they ever even questioned anything in first place. Leaving them increasingly hesitant to doubt any other future dubious claims. Leaving the individual now void of any ability to ever meaningfully discern for themselves ever again. Rendered into a pathetic soyboy by this point. Now only able to spew and squawk the collective opinions of the woke liberal hivemind. Spending lots of time crying hysterically in the corner in a newly zoned safe-space thats used after someone says something of undeniable logic that may go directly against their ideological foundry and the only thing they can think to do is run and take cover until the person with the “scary” ideas(like men and women are actually 2 separate genders) has gone away.

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