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Post-Modern Gender Maniac Grade School Teacher GUSHING About Her Successful Indoctrination of Her Students Into Accepting Gender as a “Fluid” Designation

The name of this teachers TikTok channel is “Queer School Teacher TikTok“. SMH…

Look at how much time she is putting into teaching her kids about transanity instead of spending time teaching them about….I don’t know….HISTORY, MATH, SOCIAL STUDIES, GRAMMAR….literally anything else that they are supposed to be learning about while at school. Teachers should not be allowed to spend their time in class turning innocent children into proxies and foot soldiers for the hateful ideological crusade of their teacher who just got done attending 4 years of “Kill Whitey & Daddy(the Patriarch)” Liberal Arts college, then after that another 2 years at “Persecute the white children in your classroom / don’t ever stop talking about slavery” graduate school for her Masters(teachers need a Masters). This woman is seriously a monster and if you have kids in public schools, this kind of stuff should piss you off to no end. We need to spend just as much time rooting out these commie, genital-mutilating teachers that are in our public schools, as we do in rooting out the dog-shooting, wife-beating, always lying on police reports, cowardice pigs who are still on the force and pose a serious danger to the public.

These kinds of clips get under my skin more so than a clip of just about any other variety. It’s not so much the fact that the child in her class had used this “non-binary” designation that she had taught the student, but rather how proud and pretentiously giddy she was over her successful indoctrination of this poor child. These sick granola-breathed post-modernist educators are seriously obsessed with eliminating gender as a tangible construct within the purview of human anatomy. They don’t care how ass-backwards the rationale is. They don’t care how much it contradicts basic scientific reality. And they especially don’t care about how many children will end up suffering catastrophic emotional AND even physical damage to their bodies via any potential sex change(genitalia mutilation procedure) operation they could have in the future. An operation that they were told would “make them happy”. I’m still struggling with the logic of mutilating ones genitalia in the pursuit of happiness. (MANY/MOST regret the operation).

Another life destroyed by liberalism and partially thanks to their libtarded monstrosity of a 1st grade teacher who set their fragile young minds on such an unhealthy path at such a young age and planted the notion of gender fluidity in their heads at such an early stage in a child’s emotional development. Setting them up for a train wreck of a life made-up of heavy drug use, self-harm and possibly even suicide(40% suicide rate for trans people) .

These kids don’t stand a chance if this is the kind of bloodthirsty leftism to expect from our public educators.


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