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🚨Media Treason: CBS News Caught Using Actor As A Doctor to Pump Delta Hoax

They just cannot stop themselves from continuing to attempt these little-league-level deceptive acts by just sloppily and hastily throwing together any ‘ol story at the last second that happens to steer the narrative in the exact direction that they were instructed by their higher-ups to move it in. Even the dumbest of the dumb should be able to see through their crap by now. But nope. They don’t. Why do I still even care? Who knows? I guess that’s one of my human flaws. It’s built into my genetics to get inherently upset and to desperately fight until the bitter end in my campaign to stop as many of my fellow humans as I possibly can from euthanizing themselves and walking right into the slaughterhouse.

However, In the end, I don’t want my cynicism to have ended up costing a few stragglers who are destined to come around and save themselves in the final hours, their precious human lives, all because I had lazily and prematurely decided to put an end to my proactive efforts in getting the truth out. Just like the controllers had been dying for me to do. I can’t bow out like a little bitch just because most people are useless, stupid and a lost cause. There are still people out there who want, need and deserve our help for as long as we are able to give it to them and give it to them we must.

CAUGHT RED-HANDED – these people ALL deserve to be in Guantanamo for crimes against humanity!

Credit: www.AndWeKnow.com

More Truths: www.FakeMediaReport.net

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