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JFK Jr. In Disguise? Is David Clements Really John F. Kennedy Junior in a Silicone Mask Disguise? Is Dave Clements Ingerson Lockwood Too?

David Clements with Steve Bannon

A lot of the Qanon groupies who still have the stomach to follow me, decided to cry and run away to their safe-spaces and curl up in a ball in the corner, repeating the phrase “trust the plan” over and over again after I exposed arrogant con-artist and JFK Jr. hoaxer/impersonater Juan O’Savin as the audacious walking talking scam that he is. It’s OK to be wrong about stuff and and up misjudging people. It happens. There is no need to cling onto insane narratives and continue following laughable con-artists just because you are afraid to admit that you might have been duped. Don’t do that.

If Juan really was JFK Jr., then you would expect him to be able to secure guest spots on some slightly more prominent channels than he had been getting scheduled on? In a slightly more logical world, an authentic version of JFK Jr. in disguise would surely have the clout and connections to secure a spot on a nationally syndicated program with legit viewership numbers that was most likely going to be hosted by someone who is/was tight with Trump and had been a part of the administration. Someone say…EXACTLY like Steve Bannon! John fucking Kennedy Junior is not going to be relegated to a guest spot on one of Kerry Casdidys YouTube livestreams or be seen making appearances directly following one of Gene Decodes delusional “Insider Military Intel Drops” on one of dummy-lady CirstenW’s choppy BitChute livestreams. Cmon guys. CMON!

Now this David Clements shit, this, I can MAYBE, theoretically…potentially get on board with. An appearance like this on Bannons show is exactly the kind of appearance you’d expect Junior to make if he was interested in going on-air in disguise. I’m sure they only did this most recent spite for inter-Occultic communication related reasons. I’ll have to watch the full clip again for any coding/signaling. Though, I’m still not exactly 100% convinced that this guy is even Junior anyway. The face seems like it might be too narrow. But he’s an excellent candidate for further investigation and with all we’ve recently learned about Hollywood’s propensity to use many different actors to play the role of certain celebrities, it would come to no shock to find out that “John John” has been doing the same thing, but from a slightly different angle. For all we know, there have been actors in silicone masks that have been used to play JFK Jr. himself out in public in the past. Anything is possible.

The lefty-Gestapo has really been going after Professor Clements of late, so that’s a very good sign that the guy is over the target and is feared by someone in a precarious position of power with much to lose.

David Clements on RUMBLE: Search Query RESULTS

Rumble — David Clements joins the War Room to give more insight into Election interference on November 3rd. (VIDEO BELOW)


I’ve made it clear that I do very much believe JFK Jr. is alive and well and is very much playing a leadership role in what has been an ongoing underground civil war between the most powerful factions of the original 13 Illuminati bloodlines. I’ve also stated that I believe there is a good chance that “John John” is the charismatic young AntiChrist figure destined to lead a new One World Government that could be thrust upon us much much sooner than many may realize. I know that most of you have given up on smoking anymore NESARA hopium and I don’t blame you and I’m certainly not telling you that it’s OK to go back and start smoking it again. Even if NESARA turns out to be real, we know that it’s DEFINITELY NOT going to be a “good thing”(understatement) and will absolutely be utilized to implement their “mark of the beast” decentralized electronic block-chain currency system via an implant in your right hand.

So I guess my conclusion is “yeay!!….I guess it really is JFK Jr.”, FOLLOWED BY….“oh no, he’s the AntiChrist though”. LOL.


John John is one of the PUREST bred Cannanite EL-ites from the Tribe of Dan living on this earth right now. Ones status amongst the EL-ites cannot get any higher than his. BOTH of his parents represent one of the original 13 Illuminati bloodlines. Onassis (Jackie Kennedy/Mother) and of course Kennedy (John Kennedy Sr./Father). Do you really think that THAT guy is working with Donald Trump to save the fucking world? Call me a cynic I guess. Just be careful please. Don’t get too caught up in the pomp and circumstance surrounding any revelations or exciting pieces of news that may be “brought out into the light” in the near future. Everything is a game to them. Always remember this. There is no human man who is going to save you from anything.

PODCAST: https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-kw4jq-10b1ba6 (BELOW)

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