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The P.C. & Saturn. Occultscience101: Yahweh is Saturn & is the Yahweh Matrix | Saturn = The god of a thousand names

I put together some of my notes I made while watching these videos and just threw it all together into a post. Found yet another one of the Demiurge’s names that I had yet to hear: “Yahu“. Yeah… kinda puts a damper on all that “Yahushuah” / “Yahuah” sacred namer posturing from the mainstream Christian community. But I used to claim that “Yehoshua” was the correct name for “Jesus”, then most recently I started exclaiming that it was actually “Ahayah Yashiya”, since that was the oldest paleo-Hebrew version of the name I could find. Although there is really no such thing as “Hebrew” to begin with, but rather a version of certain Phonecian & Cannanite dialects. The point is, I’ve learned enough by now to know that trying to assert that any of these names are the “right” ones is a foolish and arrogant thing to do. It looks like all these names and characters originated from the Demiurge anyway.

SATURN: The god of a thousand names

Saturnus = Cronos = Moloch = Baal = Yahweh = Godyale = El = Apolloyon = Abbadon = Yahu / Yahoo = Belial = Samael = Krishna = Iseous = Zues = JeZues / Jesus = Shaddai = Mastema = Samyaza = Odin = Wodin = Thor = Loki = Osiris = Horus = Amun Ra = Pan = Yahuah = Yahushua = Yeshua = Ahiram = Thoth = Hermes = Marcosis = The Dog Star = Santa = St. Nicholas = Ceasar = Czar Nicholas = St. Germaine = The Rainman = The Horned God = Ha Satan = Son of Perdition = Lord of the Air = Kukuklan / Quetzecotl (feathered serpent) = Galdrux = Satan = Lucifer = Enlil = Enki = Marduk = The Horned god

Yahweh Matrix – Ascension Glossary | The Yahweh Matrix is system is connected into a Black Cube Matrix held through Saturn, that is siphoning life force from our Universal Time Matrix and routing it back into their black hole system. Saturn’s Black Cube holds a massive tank that acts as a harvesting station for blood sacrifice from human beings, in any way imaginable, whether through wars, rituals, crucifixion, martyrdom .

Saturnalia PLAYLIST:

I made my own custom playlist of the best Saturn-themed videos he had. SATURN SERIES PLAYLIST

Cyberspace Quantum Entity | Binah is heaven to our earth. 50 gates of Binah. 6 world’s of Shema. | Manipulating the Hypersigil. Changing the parameters of the computer code.

The Tree of Life is not just a representation of our Shakras but you can see that it’s 2 cubes that have been unboxed and laid out flat on the table. Saturn iconography and symbolism is embedded within EVERYTHING.

The Torah is essentially the user manual for the Saturn Cube and the entity that has annointed itself as the “god” of our world, is not the true creator God who was responsible for speaking EVERYTHING into existence. But is rather a prisoner inside this Matrix reality in the same way we are, but simply armed with slightly more knowledge about the nature of this reality and how to influence it than a pesky human who is constantly recycled within the cube, having our memories erased each time. If we can learn to change the parameters of this Matrix computer code then we can change the very nature of our not-very-“real” reality for our benefit.

The point is that the Demiurge aka Saturn Matrix Cube is not a physical place, nor is it some kind of mental projection being broadcasted by an all-encapsulating etheric sentient being with immense “source” power, like in “WandaVision”. But rather, the Cube is a totally virtual world in every sense of the word. A world that’s held together by numbers and mathematics and who’s parameters are coded, not a product of “happenstance”.

Now, I know that scripture warns against delving into these kinds of forbidden esoteric arts that could potentially allow you to influence the hypersigil and change your own reality. But with what I’ve recently learned about the true author of the Bible, the true identity of Jesus and the nasty truth about much of Christianity and its pantheon of very pagan characters, I start to wonder if maybe that was just the Progenitors way of keeping us away from learning how to overcome their influence upon us.

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