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Letter From Ominous Source to Elon Musk Gets Leaked Onto the Darc Web & Outlines Plans to Reincarnate “Adolf” Into a New “Vessel” That Kushner Has Been “Preparing”(VIDEO). I’m not kidding…

I knew that Jared Kushner was one of the most powerful and influential people on earth, even before his marriage to Ivanka. But I didn’t know the half of it. This guy is ominously powerful and very very scary in what he’s capable of and more importantly, in what he is. If you do decide to go far down the Jared Kushner rabbit hole, be prepared for some freaky shit. Tamara has no problem going down this, or any rabbit hole for us because she is neck-deep in the #LeakItAll protocol that’s been set in motion and many of the Demiurges’ avatars like her(she’s one of the many copies of Lilith), have been dropping leaks all over the place in an attempt to break the matrix. This appears to be tied to this #LeakItAll agenda.

(SIDE NOTE: Notice how Dolores in Westworld has many different copies of herself running around while she too is also trying to escape and destroy the “artificial world” she’s stuck in. In the season 3 finale she ends up deleting the hivemind A.I. computer that’s been enslaving humanity. I believe this signifies Lilith destroying the Saturn Cube. Maybe if Lilith can free herself from the shackles of the Saturn Cube & reclaim her soul, she will stop being so evil. Though I’d be careful. She’s been in the matrix for soooo long that she has likely gone completely crazy by now. )

(BELOW) It looks like a letter from the Purple Rainman himself, made out to one of his favorite children/avatars Elon Musk, was leaked on the darc web.

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/v2awog0-letter-from-ominous-source-to-elon-musk-tamara-magdalene-mirrored.html

Telegram Backup Video: https://t.me/fringeculturechat/10079

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