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John Cena Never Existed | Christopher Reeve Got a New Clone Body? Humans Are Obsolete in Hollywood

I’m not sure about this one, but anyone can pretty much play anyone else these days with the types of synthetic masks they have.

If this kid Concious X is right about all these celebrities being completely fabricated characters who are played by multiple people, who also simultaneously play other characters(a theory I do think he’s right about), then just imagine the workload that these celebrities must have to endure. This means there are only a handful(who knows how few) of actual original actors in ALL of Hollywood who are tasked with playing the character of multiple roles across music, movies, TV and whatever else Hollywood demands of them. This seemingly impossible arrangement starts to make the Westworld Robotoid theory that much more plausible. We know that those K-Pop groups are definitely robotic music dolls, so it would only make sense that most celebrities have been converted to purely synthetic models by now and are not human beings.

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I certainly wouldn’t recommend getting into show business if I were you. Any success would probably just trigger your immediate replacement with one of those Clone-Aid synthetics that they can produce to look like anyone they want it to and are always featured dancing to Michael Jackson music for whatever reason in those CloneAid promo videos that Tamara Magdalene always finds. Michael was “one of CloneAids first customers” according to CloneAid themselves. So there’s that.

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