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Elon Musk sends SpaceX fans into meltdown with message about ‘old world dying in blaze’

Elon appears to be the most important of all the avatars used by the Demiurge at the moment and according to several of Tamaras last few videos, Elon has been congratulated for having successfully prepared a new synthetic A.I. host that they can now transfer the consciousness of the AntiChrist entity from the “Kushner” vessel and into this new vessel. They referred to this AntiChrist entity as “Adolf”. I have to imagine that these things are all related. Everything that Elon does and says has intentions behind it that relate to the “Black Awakening” AntiChrist agenda and the deception that’s required of it.

Source: By. Lottie O’Neill | Overnight Editor, DailyStar.co | 03:40, 24 AUG 2021

Elon Musk sends SpaceX fans into meltdown with message about ‘old world dying in blaze’

By. Lottie O’Neill | Overnight Editor | 03:40, 24 AUG 20215

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confused and baffled his fans when he wrote out a message that fans speculated meant the end of the world. He appeared to allude to a ‘war’ looming on the Earth

SpaceX and Elon Musk fans were left baffled after the Tesla CEO posted a bizarre tweet about the ‘old world dying in a blaze of splendour’.

Musk also seemed to reference a war that could be among us.

It comes after the Taliban took over Afghanistan as thousands fear for their lives under their strict rule.

Many fans believe the message could be referring to the uncertain times in the country and what it could mean for the rest of the world – others joke it is a sign about Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency Tesla followers believe the billionaire owns.

However, it seems the passage is from a historical fiction book that begins with a funeral, with a large royal parade arriving to pay their respects.

He didn’t explain why he was sharing the passage from the book (Image: POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

What do you think Elon Musk’s tweet means? Let us know in the comments below.


In the message, which appeared to be text from a book on WWI, it said: “So gorgeous was the spectacle on the May morning of 1910, when nine kings rode in the funeral of Edward VII of England that the crowd, waiting in hushed and black-clad awe, could not keep back gasps of admiration.”

SpaceX were left scrambling to work out why he shared the cryptic post (Image: AFP via Getty Images)

The message continues to explain how the sovereigns rode through palace gates, followed by five heirs and other royals – the ‘last’ royal ranks of its kind.

It ends with: “The muffled tongue of Big Ben tolled nine by the clock as the cortege left the palace, but on history’s clock it was sunset, and the sun of the old world was setting in a dying blaze of splendor never to be seen again.”

He wrote out the entire opening text on Twitter (Image: elon musk/Twitter)

Elon simply captioned the post with ‘The Guns of August’, which is a book by Barbara W. Tuchman.

His fans had some ideas on why he shared the post and did not explain the reason he published the opening passage.

One follower wrote: “Elon is trying to tell us something important! What is it?”

A second wrote: “In Elon we trust.”

Fans believe Elon could be 'warning' us over something sinister - like WWIII
Fans believe Elon could be ‘warning’ us over something sinister – like WWIII (Image: Getty Images)

A third added: “I assume Mr Musk is insinuating that our future is a bleak one; perhaps, WWIII is heading our way.”

Fans of the war book claim its opening passage is ‘iconic’ and foreshadows the war to come – with others believing this is what the Tesla CEO was referring to.

He then added to the mystery by referencing JRR Tolkein folklore by writing: “Nine rings for mortal men,” from the famous Lord of the Rings trilogies.

In the books, a war rages in Middle Earth, set in another time and place.

Musk hasn’t responded to any of the comments confirming whether he was just a fan of the book or wanted to make a statement – we’ll just have to find out if he really is trying to tell us something important.

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Flat_Earth-Fat_Girth 4y

Yeah I’ll blow your fucking head off with bits of stuff I know. Tesla knew much more than I know and how it all relates. Tesla is known to have wheels where a triangle would reveal which 3 numbers were connected in some way.

Basically what I am trying to say from my outside perspective is this.

For example if you were to change the amount of single digits to 6, (as in it would go 1 2 3 4 5 6 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 20 21, ect.)

When changed into that format, every prime number would end in 1 or 5.

I am down this rabbit hole far enough where I will tell you what I know in hopes you leading you closer to what Tesla knew.

Gravity isn’t real. There is an electric force pushing us all down. Wherever our humanity goes it kills everything. Our entire universe is made of energy, it never dies, it’s not possible. Free energy is a real thing. Free energy flying machines as well.

Basically the world of occult is knowing how to manipulate others. Everyone has been manipulated so hard it’s hard to even answer the questions relating to the occult in fear of striking a cord in people. The occult ties into other things like hypnotism. Very strange things happen with the mind and how you can make it affect other people. For example, Charles Manson.

It is extremely easy to brainwash people which is why I’m weary.

God is a real thing and it’s the universe. The farther you get down the path of truth the more it makes sense. Seemingly Tesla was all the way. The universe listens to you, to my knowledge it’s how I’ve gotten this far. We will find out in the future if the universe really is leading me because I don’t know what’s even farther than this.

9 is the key to the universe because of various reasons.

The way Tesla thought more so was on the lines of simple maths and patterns. 9 is a pattern it is not math like we learn in school. 1 4 7, 2 5 8, 3 6 9.

In my opinion it’s best to see the world as a magic being and to play with it from there. To reduce things as science has it today is an imbeciles way of dealing with it. To fix a helmet you don’t put the helmet on and blind yourself until you fix the issue. We are blind. I’ll throw in more that I believe Tesla would have said.

Horoscopes and the stars play a massive part in our beings. Our pineal glands give us our knowledge of the next dimension. To know when you are most active in the pineal you can look at the stars and your horoscopes because the stars are what affect us.

To go even deeper to give you all eyes to see I will shed more light onto things.

In the eyes you can see everything. All of your health issues and emotional issues are revealed in body language and in your eyes. Your eyes are a window to your body because your eyes represent your cells in your body.

Entities are real but aren’t in my opinion. Basically I am just writing you everything I know that is related somewhat to Tesla. The world is best used and described as symbols. I do not care what hillary clinton is doing positive or negative, she is Hillary clinton. Just as Hillary Clinton is a symbol and there are no words needed to describe someone we already know here on conspiracy.

At the same time how are you going to describe things in mass? It’s hard.

Basically the occult is various systems one being they create a symbol, for example in the bible it’s “The Devil” or “God” and if you follow those symbols you can preform powerful things in your life by changing your frame of mind. Sadly all you are doing is changing your frame of mind.

If you are able to change your frame of mind to be perfectly in tune with all knowledge of the universe the answer will not only be obvious to you, but it will slap you in the face because it stands out so hard.

As Tesla said, he did not fail 7000 times, he found out 7000 ways it does not work. That shows the type of person he is.

If you are a man of symbolism, as I am, you can simply say, all of X I’m not going to listen to because of Y. If you do that enough you will be left with very few things to trust. Some people hate that, but I love it because it takes you right down to the grind.

I have eyes but being able to invent anything Tesla had is far out of reach in my opinion because of modern day finance.

If you are going to dig deep for truth I suggest you study the occult a lot. Think of a lot of ideas. The most truthful thoughts are ridiculed in my opinion.

Good luck, I suggest you read his books but even then you have to remember he likely didn’t expect the world to be so scrambled today. He bashed science 100 years ago, today it’s even worse, don’t forget it.

I don’t believe in outer space at all, and neither did Tesla I don’t believe. I believe we live inside of a realm, likely there is a firmament above our heads. The north star never moves, everything around it spins nonstop. I hope this has been a good delve for someone looking into the occult.

Just for clarity, I am not sure if those beings are real or not, because I have had some very vivid experiences, awake, and asleep. Either way, nothing is here to harm you, we are here to experience. Peace and love good luck.14Reply




How far are you? Saturn? FE? Mandela Effect? 174369 was always my school ID and I always knew how important it was for me beyond school. I didn’t know why, but I felt it.1Reply


I do my research and drop everything I believe to not be true. Mandela effect I don’t think is true. Seemingly there is a firmament above our heads, so I do currently believe the flat earth.

Saturn is a symbol like I said above. Everything in the universe vibrates. The lower the vibration the more negative it will become. Humans if we vibrated higher would not face as much illness because of simply vibrating higher. It is said Saturn is pulling us all down, prophecy might be that another planet lights up carrying a higher vibration. Who knows though, we will see when it happens. Saturn may be as it is forever and it is simply the state of the world while we stay here.3Reply


Planets don’t exist. Look at videos of p900s.1Reply


My personal numerology has completely fascinated me in it’s accuracies and stipulations… It is SOOOO interesting to me..

Patterns in numbers, endlessly repeating and reappearing, constantly… everywhere.. What information is encoded in the patterns we are and aren’t seeing around us? When I entertain ideas like numerology, and the theory that our universe could be a simulation… It’s fascinating.. When we design simulations, what do we use? Algorithms. What composes a man-made simulation..? Is it material? Ethereal? Does it exist in an understandable form of physics? Is it… Electricity? Energy? What is information? Knowledge isn’t hidden.. if you wish to learn something, all you do is ask questions in pursuit of the answer..1Reply


don’t know if he was into the occult,

“Tesla later went public with his claim that he was receiving extraterrestrial voice transmissions and was subjected to the usual humiliating ridicule that greets UFO witnesses today when they try to speak openly of their experiences. But he remained firm in his conviction that the voices were genuine and posed a terrifying threat to life on Earth as we know it.Global Communications publisher Tim Beckley provided more input on the connection between Tesla and UFOs.”




http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Vortex-based_math lel2Reply


Yeah that vid kind of blew my mind1Reply


Holy shit1Reply




Tesla was aided by beings part of the Confederation of Planets. Presumably some of these were 6th density beings and thus “not of this dimension”.

Quoting Ra from channelings done by L/L research group back in the early 80s (note this was a question and answer format. source):

11.25 QuestionerThen I assume you can’t name him and would ask you where Nikola Tesla got his information?

RaI am Ra. The one known as Nikola received information from Confederation sources desirous of aiding this extremely, shall we say, angelically positive entity in bettering the existence of its fellow mind/body/spirit complexes. It is unfortunate, shall we say, that like many Wanderers the vibratory distortions of third-density illusion caused this entity to become extremely distorted in its perceptions of its fellow mind/body/spirit complexes so that its mission was hindered and in the result, perverted from its purposes.

11.26 QuestionerHow was Tesla’s work supposed to benefit man on Earth, and what were its purposes?

RaI am Ra. The most desired purpose of the mind/body/spirit complex, Nikola, was the freeing of all planetary entities from darkness. Thus, it attempted to give to the planet the infinite energy of the planetary sphere for use in lighting and power.

11.27 QuestionerBy freeing the planetary entities from darkness, precisely what do you mean?

RaI am Ra. [Most of the following answer was lost due to tape recorder malfunction. The core of the response was as follows.] We spoke of freeing people from darkness in a literal sense.

11.28 QuestionerWould this freeing from darkness be commensurate with the Law of One or does this have any real product?

RaI am Ra. The product of such a freeing would create two experiences.

Firstly, the experience of no need to find the necessary emolument for payment, in your money, for energy.

Secondly, the leisure afforded, thereby exemplifying the possibility and enhancing the probability of the freedom to then search the self for the beginning of seeking the Law of One.

Few there are working physically from daybreak to darkness, as you name them, upon your plane who can contemplate the Law of One in a conscious fashion.

To summarize, Tesla wished to provide everyone with readily available energy for use in lighting, heating, etc. This is done by harnessing the energy naturally available by the Earth’s electromagnetic field. This is made possible for reasons that still elude our “current” physics understanding. I put current in quotes because presumably secret government/corporate labs have developed physics far beyond what the public has access to, based on Tesla’s works which were confiscated after he died and also based off of reverse engineering alien tech. Once everyone is in possession of this tech, we will have much more free time to develop spiritually, as Ra mentions.

For all of the question / answer sessions you can check it out here: http://www.lawofone.info/

I don’t know much about the occult side of things, but I do know that magical rituals have power based on the ability of the practitioner. There are also ratios of space/time used in these rituals that are the basis of their power, presumably because of the underlying structure that forms our current illusion, whose blueprint is provided by the Logos that formed the laws for our galaxy. Ra discusses magical rituals, both black and white in some of the Q/A sessions, some good information may be available there. I don’t know of any other good sources for info on occult stuff.Read More3Reply


lol you guys are going a bit too far out. The entities were most likely Psilocybin / DMT elves, like the guy who discovered DNA on Acid.-4Reply

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