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COURT DOCS: Neo-Nazi Satanic Sect Leader Outed As FBI Informant Since 2003, Was Paid Over $140,000 By U.S. Government

I shouldn’t be defending the F.B.I. here, but you could argue that if an informant is truly “undercover”, then they must play the role and assume the public persona of the criminal dirtbag. Though in most cases, these informants were criminals to start, got caught, then got told by the F.B.I. to go back to doing what they were doing when they got caught. But this time with their permission. So they aren’t really “acting” in the first place. Let’s just say this wasn’t exactly a Donnie Darko situation. This was the just the Feds using some low-life as a confidential source for way too long.

Source: by. ANDREW WHITE | National File | August 23, 2021

COURT DOCS: Neo-Nazi Satanic Sect Leader Outed As FBI Informant Since 2003, Was Paid Over $140,000 By U.S. Government

The FBI has some explaining to do.

Andrew White byANDREW WHITE | August 23, 2021

A court filing in the case of a high-profile Neo-nazi group member has ousted Joshua Caleb Sutter as a longtime informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Sutter, the publisher of Martinet Press, is allegedly an Atomwaffen member and key figure in the satanic group known as the O9A Tempel ov Blood, according to investigative reporter Ali Winston.

Investigative reporter Ali Winston has been covering the case against Kaleb Cole, an alleged Atomwaffen member who was charged with leading a conspiracy to intimidate reporters across the United States with other group members. All of them have entered guilty pleas except Cole, according to Winston.

In what Winston described as a “remarkable filing” from Cole’s case, it was revealed that Joshua Caleb Sutter, an Atomwaffen member, Satanic 09A Tempel ov Blood leader, and Satanic book publisher, is “undoubtedly” an FBI informant, and had been since 2003, according to documents. “Sutter isn’t identified by name, but its undoubtedly him. Martinet Press publishes Order of Nine Angles texts that have radicalized countless youth in Neo-Fascist, Satanist practices. He has that aforementioned ’03 conviction for trying to [sic] sell a firearm w/an obliterated serial,” Winston explained. The promotion of the satanic Tempel ov Blood ideology, according to journalist Jake Hanrahan, has connections to a series of murders in Great Britain.

Open Democracy reported that Atomwaffen’s required reading material includes the works “Liber 333” and “Iron Gates,” both of which were authored by Sutter and released by Martinet Press. “Bottom line is this: Martinet Press has been essentially bankrolled by the feds, pumping out a steady stream of extremist lit,” tweeted Winston.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, “Martinet Press is run by Atomwaffen member Joshua Caleb Sutter, a former member of Aryan Nations. He and his wife, Jillian Hoy, lead Tempel ov Blood (ToB), an esoteric Satanist group that has deified many of the world’s most brutal and murderous authoritarian dictators. ToB is an affiliated sect of an international umbrella group known as The Order of Nine Angles (O9A). O9A was started in England in the 1960s. The enigmatic Satanic occult group’s most extreme adherents promote human sacrifice, Nazism, fascism and Aryan myths, and it has reportedly praised Adolf Hitler and Osama bin Laden.”

‘Libre 333’ is a satanic manual, which guides neo-Nazis who fantasise about evolving into a new form of vampiric Aryan predator, and openly calls for infiltrating entities with “sinister potential”, such as the military, the police, religious or right-wing groups; while ‘Iron Gates’ is sci-fi gore that tells the story of a blood-thirsty death cult, and contains graphic descriptions of rape, torture, and murder.

According to the court filing, alleged FBI informant and devout satanist Sutter earned more than $140,000 while working for the US federal government. Associate editor for Chronicles Magazine Pedro Gonzalez said “Thank you FBI very cool of you to have Moloch worshipers on payroll” in reaction to the developments.

The revelations raise questions concerning the nature of FBI undercover operations, as they seem to be funding satanic cults and literatures, apparently influencing and involving themselves with individuals who commit acts of evil in the name of Satanic neo-nazi ideological extremism. As was noted by the SPLC, “Sutter and ToB’s texts helped turn AWD [Atomwaffen Division] toward a more “sinister” direction. Infighting ensued through 2018, with some members leaving in disgust over the group’s welcoming stance on Satanism, ToB and the turn toward violence as an end in itself.”

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