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Has Joe Biden Been Replaced by an IMPOSTER?

This is ancient news for many of you. But in case you’ve been in a libtard haze for the past year, Joe Biden is long “dead and gone” and has been played by a cast of 3 or 4 different silicone mask wearing actors for at least the past 2 years. He was likely replaced at some point during the Trump administration when he was scooped up and executed along with the Brennans, Comeys and John McCains of the traitor contingency.

Tamara Magdalene likes to calls him “Manchurian Joe”. Below is the “Manchurian Joe” category of past posts.

There is something definitely wrong with Creepy Joe and the Truth just might blow your mind! Please share this video with everyone you know as this interview is the best single piece of video evidence that currently exists which proves something is definitely not right about Creepy Joe.
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