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Who are the current alternative media shills?

Gabriel Horn outs many of the known shills. You will recognize many on this list. I guess Steeles own blog is apparently exposing him as shill material. Or at least hinting at it. Unless I’ve been wrong about AIM Bits being one of his blogs this whole time. But I don’t think so.

Source: https://truthbits.blog/2021/08/29/who-are-the-alt-media-shills/

Who are the current alternative media shills?

Great discussion under this GAB post where we answer a question from RonnieDC.

@RonnieDC asked us: “I did not know Bannon was entrenched. Yikes. Is there anyone who is legit anymore. Anyone? Anyone?”

We answered Ronnie and continue to add to this post. Whenever you spot a shill, limited hangout, controlled oppo, and/or propagandists, please join the discussion.

There are two discussion threads:



“These are our opinions. You are welcomed to defend any of these internet shills:

Some of the new shills – Juan ‘CIA’ Savin, Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, Kirsten W., Patel Patriot (Devolution), Michael Jacko, Scott McKay (Patriot Streetfighter), Billie Beene, Gene Decode, the chick who is the new voice for Headlines with a Voice – Felicia Lockhart. Don’t forget internet bloviator Robert David Steele and most anyone on his video shows.

… and there are more…remember we aren’t counting any of the propagandists in MSM media.

They join the legacy shills – X22, SGT Report, Dave Kublick (more of an idiot than a shill), Dark Journalist, Corbett Report, Tracy Beanz, SES Catherine Austin Fitts, Alex Jones and his InfoWars entourage, Roy Potter, April LaJune, Bettina (supposedly deceased) Nancy Morgan Hart, James O’Keefe, Mike Cernovich.

Pictured below are some MSM shilly folks that like to dabble in alt media. Don’t be fooled.”

Go inside the GAB link and learn about more shills and propagandists in the alternative media that you thought were trustworthy but are in position to waste your time, distract you from FULL DISCLOSURE, and/or confuse your thinking.

New information is being added as your comments come in. Let’s crowdsource the truth and reveal the shills in the alternative media. Get on GAB and leave us your comment at:


@vortex7117 posts: “You have offered your opinion. Now what is your opinion on who is there in independent media who is authentic. If there are none, according to your opinion, then you can say that. It is important that we learn what is authentic now.”

Our reply: “So far we have not found anyone in the internet who offers the depth and breadth of research and insight into the precise enemy of humanity. Our well-documented case starts with the Venetian bankers, through Cecil Rhodes and Alfred Milner, to the British-American Pilgrims. There are folks that discuss these topics regularly like the LaRouche group, Dean Henderson, and back-in-the-day Field McConnell.

Betsy’s Team keeps a sharp eye on who is coming and going in the internet. We can identify their allegiances by watching them show up as newbies and see which networks push their content. We have identified all the major alt media network “hubs” and even before we watch a new video or read an article, we identify its source.

You see, newbies cannot get ‘flight’ in the internet without platforms from which to launch. Even with us. When we first started posting back in 2015-16, we had to find a platform that already had a following (which takes time and effort) who would permit us to be guest writers.

From there, we leveraged our position from platform to platform to attract the smartest, most influential people in the world. We were only looking for 48, but found hundreds of well-connected influencers. They also assist us in identifying enemies and shills in the Great Information War.”

Another AIMCat wanted to know about these three:


Operation Mockingbird Propagandists Duo Solomon and Carter Outed

Globalist Propagandist Interviews Trump

Who at Fox thought it was a good idea to have a BRIT at this time in American history interview the president?

As we were compiling the list, it was reported that David Robert Steele had died, if you are to believe this report….

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