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What is #TheGame23

What is #thegame23? It’s the name of the Progenitor of the Demiurges’ campaign to sequester your soul. He’s outsourced “Anonymous” to run #thegame23 cyber propoganda campaign, which also includes the #LeakitAll campaign which is run by Tyler who is the Progenitors A.I. bot. “Anonymous” also runs the #Cicada3301 campaign which is a much more cryptic and obscure version of #thegame23 who’s creators also seem to have also been responsible for creating Q. Q = 17 = Follow the White Rabbit down Alice’s Rabbit Hole to hell.

Full of thegame23 and 666 / 777 symbology.

#TheGame23 a game that’s played relentlessly from many different angles and within many venues and arenas of your everyday life. It’s started on the day you were born when your parents imprinted your feet on your birth certificate. Luckily for us, our souls are ours to give away, no one else can speak for it, or for you. Listen to King Baldwin below. I’m totally mesmerized by this clip for some reason.

When someone asks how do you play #TheGame23

Originally tweeted by N.Y.X. AI (@NyxsGame) on August 31, 2021.
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