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⁣You Won’t Believe What They Found In The CoV19 Injections – (It Will BLOW Your Mind)

This is pretty jarring and insane. Not that I needed anymore confirmation that these vaccines are the population culling and maiming instruments they don’t want you to believe they are. But this goes beyond what even my extremely cynical and most distrusting of projections could have ever included as far as the complexity and terrifying level of multifunctionality of so many of these extra exotic, technologically advanced, and very malevolent nano-ingredients that are peppered throughout these different experimental “vaccination” syrums. And it was not just the presence of this mysterious nanotech that was so disturbing, but also the actual parasites were found by Dr. Robert O. Young that sends most people reeling upon learning. You can’t make this shit up. Even though they’d love to have you believe we are.

I don’t know what else to say other than that if you get one of these jabs you are the dumbest mother fucker alive… and won’t even be that[alive] for too much longer unfortunately. I just feel so bad for the kids who have no choice in the matter. The adults I could care less. In fact, it’s a blessing that so many useless sheeple will inherently end up eradicated from this euthanization protocol that’s being not-so-cleverly masked as an inoculation campaign. No longer able to breed more low IQ livestock to burden society with. But children are innocent and deserve a chance to show the world if they are virtuous or not before they are essentially murdered by their group-thought ravaged cowardly parents.

Alas, there is only so much we can do. But of what we can do, we must. This blog is one of the many ways I try fighting back against this onslaught of human rights violations. But it’s not the only way. There are many ways one can do damage on this battlefield. But most importantly, we need your participation in whatever way your are willing to join this fight. Please join the fight. Take action. If you are physically unable to or your current life circumstances make this an impossibility for you then you can always donate to my Warchest. I have some big plans in the works aimed at putting a massive dent into Covidiocy and that’s designed to wake up as many more people as is possible before it’s really too late. But these plans require resources and cash. As much as I’m horrified and embarassed by what humanity has fallen for, it’s still worth saving.

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Source: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/you-won-039-t-believe-what-they-found-in-the-cov19-injections-it-will-blow-your-mind_gB71Q1zO1IItvng.html

⁣You Won’t Believe What They Found In The CoV19 Injections – (It Will BLOW Your Mind)

⁣What’s In COVID Shots? WHY Graphene? WHO is Responsible? ⁣D⁣r Robert Young

Exhibit A, B & C I have assembled all of the scientific evidence I can find from micrographs, experimentation and scientific analysis by scientists, doctors and bio staticians from Germany, Amsterdam, America and Spain
Exhibit D Is a real world analysis on the post – vaccine magnetic phenomenon, literally thousands of videos posted online showing evidence of magnetism on the body, after the vaccine.

Exhibit E (UNDISPUTED DISCOVERY) In JAPAN — we go through what the government said about millions of vaccines being contaminated with magnetic material

Exhibit F. I expose the Australian health ministers involvement with Graphene Oxide, how he funded research at his bothers lab to be conducted — which involved controlling a mouses brain with graphene oxide.

Exhibit G. This one concludes everything, it’s my favorite exhibit — I found the rockerfeller patents for this technology – which involves controlling consciousness via graphene oxide / radio waves.

https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Chaoming-Xie (This guy has written many studies on the subject of nanoparticles/graphine oxide).

Wei, M., Li, S. & Le, W. Nanomaterials modulate stem cell differentiation: biological interaction and underlying mechanisms. J Nanobiotechnol 15, 75 (2017). https://doi.org/10.1186/s12951-017-0310-5

Source publication: +1Potential of Graphene-based Materials to Combat COVID-19: Properties, Perspectives and Prospects

  • Oct 2020

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), a new virus in the coronavirus family that causes coronavirus disease (COVID-19), emerges as a big threat to the human race. To date, there is no medicine and vaccine available for COVID-19 treatment. While the development of medicines and vaccines are essentially and urgently required

Parasites Found in Pfizer Vaccine (VIDEO)

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