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Chemtrails, Climate Change Hoaxers, Morgellons & the Nanotech Hivemind | A PILOT ACCIDENTALLY RELEASES THE CHEMTRAIL WHILE STILL AT THE AIRPORT.

John Brennan admits we spray reflective metals into our atmosphere.

John Brennan has already openly admitted to the U.S. governments ongoing practice of using commercial airliners to spray our skies with “Chemtrails“. In fact, the spraying of Chemtrails was one of the 50+ different measures that were admitted to having been implemented by world officials during a U.N. Climate Conference in 2014. He[Brennan] doesn’t call them “Chemtrails“, he just refers to the general practice of spraying our once blue skies with a reflective particulate material that suspends itself in our atmosphere. He claims that measures like these are needed in order to save the environment from rising temperatures by acting to partially blot out the sun, theoretically lowering the global temperature and in turn supposedly saving humanity. “Climate Change”. *Cringe*….A narrative they’ve been holding over our heads and threatening the public with for decades now. Gimme a break. Al Gore had predicted we’d run out of oil and be facing runaway, apocalyptic global temperature spikes accompanied with catastrophic rises in sea levels, and all this by 2016. That prediction was blown badly. Why hasn’t his credibility blown away with it?

U.N. Climate Conference (2014)

There are plenty of things that humanity can do to help the environment and combat pollution, but becoming fixated on lowering global temperatures by any means necessary is only going to further harm our environment and cause more unforseen and possibly even more harmful side effects. Global temperatures have fluctuated wildly throughout the natural history of this planet. We’ve had literally dozens of Ice Ages over the past several hundred thousand years. But we know it’s never been about the environment anyway. Narratives like “Climate Change” are introduced as yet another means of attempting to control the people and resources of this planet. A creative way of psiphoning financial resources through the passage of climate legislation. Another angle to use to steal taxpayer dollars and waste on some useless leftcentric program. Most DemonRats will claim that they can fix the problem by everyone just handing them a bunch of money to play with. In some cases they openly admit that they don’t even intend to use to money to directly fight against climate change. They imply the financial penalty is sufficient in itself to thwart the worst of the CO2 emmitors from continuing to release as much CO2 as they were when penalized.

Speaking of Gore, Al Gore has also publicly admitted to the use of Chemtrails during an interview with Ellen, of all “people”. In Gores case, he actually surprisingly opposed the practice and explained that it was tantamount to trying to clean up a mess by dumping more dirt on top of the area you’re trying to clean up. Adding more pollutants(heavy metals & carcinogens at that) into the atmosphere, all in a sloppy and roundabout way to try artificially modify the earth’s temperature, was a method that even the ultra-shillistic, “Climate Change Hoax Maestro” himself in Gore had to call out the lunacy of and openly reject as a viable means of achieving his pipedreams of climate modification. That’s how terrible & ass-backwards the practice of spraying chemtrails to combat climate change is. But they’re still spraying them and it doesn’t look like they plan on ever stopping. We know they are not spraying them in order to blot out the sun anyway. That’s an ancillary functionality of the spraying at the most, and likely not even one of their main reasons for doing it at all. The real reason(s) goes far beyond the environment and leads us down the nanotech rabbit hole and will fucking horrify you. If the truth makes you uncomfortable then don’t go any further.

The spraying of these chemicals into our skies is not something thats carried for anyone’s benefit other than for the exploits of the puppeteers who have building their synthetic nano hivemind intelligence behind the scenes. They’ve been piecing together this robotic harbinger of doom by collecting massive amounts of data through these biological transmission arrays that have been embedded into our tissue from being infected by these chemtrails.

Here is what your “bio wifi card” looks like after the nanites in your blood have instructed your body to assemble it. This is a real piece of technology with copper orbs and all that will transmit data to AND from your body to….well…somewhere else. | MORE

Along with being able to remote control anyone infected with these synthetic pathogens, they will also be using their new biological technology to collect data on everyone. LOTS of high grade data. Biometric data to be exact.This illegally harvested biometric data will be used to copy the collective consciousness of humanity. Or at least approximate it. Once they’ve emulated a close enough working model of collective human behaviors, they’ll use it enslave us all with by tasking this synthetic intelligence to act as a “Quantum Oracle” of sorts that can predict and shape certain desired outcomes(Westworld Season 3 discloses the existence of this “Neon god” A.I. super intelligence that could/will control the world essentially once its compiled enough high grade biometric data from human subjects). This is all part of the 5th phase of the industrial revolution. Of course, this synthetic alien A.I. intelligence might have its own plans that don’t neccessary align with the agendas of its creator and that could lead to some wild outcomes.

I didn’t even get into how CERN might be tied to all this and the magnetic properties of these nanoparticles. That’s a whole separate topic. This is serious stuff people. Don’t flick it aside and decide you don’t have to worry about any of this. It’s staring you right in the face.

The below video from Cullen Smith of “Lifting the Veil” does a great job at breaking down and explaining what this 5th phase of the Industrial Revolution is and what it means for humanity moving forward. Season 3 of Westworld was seemingly dedicated to disclosing this to those in public with eyes to see. His channel has been taken down by YouTube since this video was first published and is not easy to find. I like Cullen a lot but am somewhat perplexed by his recent crusade against “Flat Earthers”. It’s kinda bizarre and makes me question the motives of many of these YouTubers and the nature of many of these channels. However, I’ve yet to find a single channel or person who I agree with about everything and we shouldn’t let this misjudgment of his (in my opinion) overshadow much of his brilliant previous work.



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