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The Lost Treasure of King Juba: The Evidence of Africans in America Before Columbus | Were the Conquistadors Sent to Destroy all the Petrified Remains of Giants in the Americas? | Pizzaro: The Feckless Conquistador Bureaucrat & His Royal Inca Killing Spree

I am just about finished reading this very entertaining and fascinating book “The Lost Treasure of King Juba: The Evidence of Africans in America Before Columbus“. The notion of an advanced Negroid culture having reached and operated within the America’s some time in the remote past, way before Columbus, is not a proposition that’s striking or shocking to me at all. We already have the achievements of the Negroid-looking Olmec as a reference and pivot point to rotate and analyze this paridigm upon.

I believe that the Phoenicians also made their mark in the new world long before the Colonial era in the Americas. As well as the Cannanite “Sea Peoples” who may very well have been the Olmec themselves or were possibly some other predecessor of the Mayan/Olmec/Toltec culture that established itself on the shores of the Yucatan many hundreds if not thousands of years before the made-up character of Cristobol Colon supposedly landed somewhere in Caribbean and subsequently was given credit for finding the “New World”. I’m also fairly convinced that the Chinese were in close contact with the Maya. Some of their art is absolutely identical. Same with some stuff I’ve seen in India. I recently saw some glyphs at the Hittite site of Hattusua in Turkey that also looked identical to Mayan script.

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In my opinion, the whole point of sending over all these expeditions of Conquistadors to the New World, all starting around the same time period, was to attempt to try to cover up as much history as they possibly could about who and what these original megalithic, and in some cases physically “giant” cultures were. Cultures who’s magnificent cities still lay in ominously beautiful ruin across the continent despite all the intentional destruction that was inflicted upon the original remains of these ancient metropolitan urban centers by agents of the “Holy See”.

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They needed to scrub as much of the most damming of the evidence of this lost advanced global culture before the America’s started to become increasingly populated with educated people that might start asking questions. Imagine if they had just left all the remains of these giants out in the open for all new arrivals to see upon migrating to the New World, the same way Francisco Pizzaro stumbled upon the skeletal remains of several giants that were simply left out in the open on the beach to his astonishment as he traveled along the coast of Peru? He wasn’t the only Conquistadors to encounter evidence of Giants. In some cases these explorers came into contact with living breathing giants, not just their remains.

Peruvian Eyewitness Accounts



There was literally evidence scattered everywhere back then and there still is plenty to be discovered and unearthed. In fact, to this day, even in modern times, the entire country of Peru is considered by many to be essentially one enormous archaeological site with unimaginable wonders still buried beneath the surface. Can you imagine the kinds of wonders that were still right out in the open waiting to be discovered in Peru and Mexico before the Spanish arrived? In fact, most of Meso and South America could be considered its own gigantic continental archaeological site as well. Not just Peru.

I stole the “Wonderland” quote from National Geographics issue on the discovery of Machu Piccu.

All photos below are of Olmec sites:

These Catholic priests and missionaries were deliberately destroying temples, relics and written texts at such a furious pace no so much because they were offended by the blasphemous religious undertones like they would have you believe, but rather they committed these henious acts of destruction per the orders they were given by their bosses before being sent over to the New World.

I’ve even heard someone propose the theory that around this time period, the Americas were littered with the remains of petrified giants left over from an older global cataclysm and the Vatican decided to send over assets to sequester and/or destroy this evidence. Some people even believe that the famous Olmec heads are the actual petrified remains of a once living being. Those heads are what the Conquistadors and Vatican shills came to the New World in search of that the church was so desperate to scudle away and keep out of the official Jesuit written historical narrative they were in the process of fabricating. For the life of me I cannot find the original YouTube video that spoke on this specifically.

Luckily for us, some written accounts slipped through the cracks and the beans were spilled. Francisco Pizzaros own journal gives us some fascinating insight. Was Pizzaro not in on the scheme? We know he was a bit of a renegade and ended up being banished from the Spanish kingdom by his cousin the king of Spain upon returning from his time in Peru. This was due to the fact that Pizzaro had took it upon himself to execute the last Incan ruler of royal lineage (Tupacamaru I, who was teenager at the time & held no military power) and the king was outraged by this act of what he saw as an illegal assassination of a Monarch and outright murder by his reckless cousin. He famously said to Pizzaro that he did not send him there to kill a king. Kings become uncomfortable upon hearing about the beheading of another king, so it’s understandable why the Spanish king was so upset with Pizzaro. It was a betrayal of the sovereignty of a kingdom in his eyes. He was the ruler of a sovereign kingdom as well, so he felt for Tupacamaru I.

I want to point out that the story about the Spanish defeating the Inca empire with only a handful of Conquistadors on horseback is bullshit. They might have captured and killed Athualpa via this means, but his brother Huscar controlled most of the army until he was killed by an assasin that was sent by Atahualpa during Atahualpas imprisonment. The point is, this was an ongoing civil war that the Spanish simply embedded themselves into by choosing a side. When Pizzaro first landed in Peru, they had been expecting him and he was presented with a bride. The daughter of a powerful Chieften who was enemies with the Inca at the time(they had many). The Spanish simply took advantage of this situation and used more subversive and manipulative means of insurgency against the Incan regime. The main point here is that the Spanish Conquistadors certainly did not take down the Inca empire all by themselves. It was only by aligning themselves with certain rival tribes in the midst of a civil war that was already ongoing when thery first arrived that allowed them to even survive at all. A Civil War that didn’t really stop until the eventual Revolutionary War, spearheaded by Tupacamaru II, which gained Peru its independence from Espana and finally brought peace to the region. Well… the narco terrorism was and still is pretty bad, but one thing at a time.

In reality, Pizarro spent most of his time cowering and trembling in fear inside his home in Lima like a little bitch as the Inca continually besieged the city and hunted him. It can be argued that his young bride/concubine did more strategically to fight against the Inca than he ever did when she famously sent word to her powerful mother via a messenger on the Inca trail to send an army to come save them. And to Pizzaros relief, send an army she did, saving their asses. Essentially acting as a military commander during a critical mid-seige junction of brutal war and dispatching an army at an strategically opportune time, defeating the assaulting Incan legion. Pizzaro didn’t do shit. So, as you can see, without the help of these rival Chieftens and the support of countless other indigenous peoples like his frigging teenage Aymaran wife, Pizzaro would have been chopped up into a thousand little pieces in his first week.

Pizarro was much like the useless bureaucrat or politician we see in today’s age. No skills, jest, charm, courage or intellect. Just feckless lobbying for power and wealth that they know they have no meritorious claim to, so they take it by force and deceit. This is a guy who’s legacy consists of nothing more than the decapitation of a helpless teenage Incan royal. A kid who even his indigenous allies had begged him to spare and who posed no threat. Mind you, this brazen public execution of the last Inca royal, Tupacamaru I., took place just after he had freshly betrayed and murdered the previous acting Inca King, Atahualpa. This was even after Atahualpa had met their demands and paid the ransome in gold that the Spanish had demanded by filing up the room he was being held in up to where his arms met the wall with gold. He obliged, but they decided to burn him alive anyway.

His execution actually went against the will of many of the Spanish Conquistadors at the time who had been watching over him and grown to like the king by that point. But their protests were in vain. They killed him anyway for no real useful or logistical reason. Claiming it was punishment for him having just assassinated his brother Huscar who the Spanish tried claiming was the rightful King because he was the older brother. But that was not how the Inca passed down power to their successors. When an Inca King would die, the sons would battle it out and natural selection would annoint the next King. There was no order of succession. The crown never automatically went to the oldest son. So Atahualpa was well within his rights to try to claim the throne and defeat his brother.

This is a very generalized and shallow statement.

So Pizzaro basically traveled around the Sacred Valley betraying and murdering Incan royalty, only to return to Spain to be reprimanded and disgraced for these acts by his cousin, the king, who was absolutely horrified to hear about what his cousin had been doing all this time while off in the New World. He was exiled soon after and died shortly after that. So his legacy is far more disgraceful than even most of his haters may realize. Hated by his own family in Spain and really hated by pretty much everyone in Peru. BUT, he has somewhat redeemed himself in modern times via his fascinating and astonishing journals where he describes the remains of these giants beings that he saw scattered across the beach along the western coast of modern day Ecuador. Unfortunately he was such a douchebag that people are still writing scathing pieces like this about the guy more than 500 years since he showed up to Peru to essentially ruin it by bringing suffering, bloodshed and slavery upon most of the indigenous population. He deserves it.

I went a bit off track here from the original topic, but it’s all related. Pizzaro was a total asshole obviously, but I thank him for his detailed and descriptive journals. Too bad he’s dead in hell and unable to realize that he finally contributed something meaningful and positive to society.

I had forgotten just how much of an Inca history nerd I am. This was all off the top of my head.

DOWNLOAD: “The Lost Treasure of King Juba: The Evidence of Africans in America Before Columbus”. BY FRANK JOSEPH
The following excerpts and screenshots are from the book above, ” The Lost Treasure of King Juba: The Evidence of Africans in America Before Columbus“. BY FRANK JOSEPH
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