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Jews Who Say the Holocaust is a Hoax | The Diary of Anne Frank is a Fraud & Was Written by Her Father


Compilation of Jewish Holocaust revisionists:
Nathanael Kapner
Paul Eisen
Gilad Atzmon
David Cole
Adam Eget
Jacob Cohen
Steven Anderson
Ron Unz
Roger Dommergue
Gerard Menuhin
Henry Herskovitz


I don’t want people to get confused and to think that by posting stuff like this it somehow makes me a fan of Hitler. I could never be a fan of a Serpent Seed sockpuppet from the 40’s who soon after World War II assumed the character of Walt Disney for his new role in America, continuing the deception. Much in the same way so many of the other S.S. officers and Nazi scientists did after their acting roles in the “Theater of War” over in Europe was over. Most people don’t realize that there were far more Nazis who were granted refuge in America after the war than those documented in “Operation Paperclip”.

Not to say that there weren’t atrocities committed. There were in fact many atrocities committed during that war. Most of them were actually against the protestant German population at the hands of the invading Bolshevick Army who were getting their marching orders from inbred Zionist slobs who had assumed control of Russia after the staged murders of Czar Nicholas and his family who had represented the Romanov royal bloodline and who was cousins(identical twins really) with King George of Great Britain. That was all just part of the “Theater of War”.

So all the stories about the concentration camps and the gas chambers and the industrial scale extermination operation that they claimed the Nazis had been consumed with during the war, was nothing but Stalinist & American propoganda.

Have you ever looked into the Anne Frank diaries? They are a load of easy to disprove bullshit that were very obviously written by Anne Frank’s father after the war, intended to be used as a focal point in their upcoming propoganda campaign. They are experts at using media and literature to pull at the heart strings of the public and dupe them into investing themselves emotionally into a narrative that props up their fabricated storylines that they are using to manipulate society with. Effectively engraving these fraudulent historical perspectives into Academia for years to come and at the same time creating a delusional leftcentric Militia of brainwashed scholars and granola breathed hippies who have defended their lies and bullshit with a disturbing tenacity to this day.

Anne Frank’s Diary- A Hoax

By Ditlieb Felderer

A campaign that is designed to make the counterfeit Khazarian Jews who were behind the war in the first place, look like the innocent victimized ethnic minority that they weren’t. They were neither victimized or even of the ethnicity they claim to be. So despite what these people may claim in modern times, they are NOT Semites and certainly do NOT follow the Hebrew God from the Abrahamic religious traditions. (Though they may secretly be “Yahwehists” too, but that’s another post).

They are nothing more than the descendants of the Pharisees and the students of Babylonian Mysticism that was taught in remote Pagan past and has now become “Occult”. They are child sacrificing inbred Serpent-Seeds(S.S., get it?) who do the bidding of dark spiritual forces and many times aren’t even in control of their own vessels, having been bred to host the legion spirit when needed and are therfore literal demons.

I had previously featured a piece on the wildly audacious and lie-filled propoganda piece that Stephen Spielberg did on the Holocaust. That’s a must watch. The video is below.

Spielbergs [Holocaust] Hoax: “The Last Days of a Big Lie” | They’ve Been Instigating Racial Tensions with Hoaxed Propaganda & False Flag Events for A LONG TIME

“The Last Days of a Big Lie”

The following link is a good synopsis of a lot of the “Holohoax” research that’s out there. I put up a PDF version as well.


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