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NY Times: John Durham To Indict Clinton Lawyer

Another low-level foot soldier indicted. Durham is really draining that swamp! What happened to those hundreds of thousands of sealed indictments? Did they end up in the same place as all the Trump ballots from Georgia? In a shopping cart outside a dumpster next to the river?

Who’s he’s going to indict next? Clintons’ housekeeper and gardener? That’s pretty much what Clintons’ lawyers were: low level “help”. What a joke. Does John Durham even exist?

I hope that most of you are able to see by now that everything that transpires on our world political stage is nothing but scripted theatrics. Most of these people are not even people, but rather avatars controlled by the same entity, designed to simulate the appearance of human beings who are authentically interacting with one and other. Engineered to instigate a particular emotional reaction from the public while simultaneously reinforcing whatever narrative they’ve chosen to promote at the time. NOTHING is real. Your vote has never counted and nothing that you see play itself out on the world stage is representative of anything resembling tangible reality or something worthy of your attention and subsequent emotional reaction.

Biden and Trump are the same entity. Can you not see this? Hence why they always portray the dichotomy of the blue and red, combining to create the ethereal purple which represents the essence of our souls.

Souls that they have been campaigned to try to steal from those of you who buy into their bullshit.

Biden was installed so they could go pedal to the metal with the vaccination campaign. He’s a throw away President who’s designed to be hated for implementing such feckless and Orwellian mandates. It would have been far too confusing and likely would have woken up far too many people than they would have liked if they had let Trump enjoy a 2nd term while also attempting to implement these same policies. They know what they are doing. Do you? Not like I do, but at least I’m on guard.

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NY Times: John Durham To Indict Clinton Lawyer

Sean Adl-Tabatabai | September 16, 2021

John Durham to indict Clinton lawyer

Special Counsel John Durham “will ask a grand jury to indict” former DNC/Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman for lying to the FBI, according to a bombshell report by the New York Times.

The false statement charges relate to a September 19, 2016 meeting FBI lawyer James Baker had with Sussman, where Sussman lied to the FBI by falsely claiming that the Trump Organization was communicating with Alfa Bank.

Per the New York Times:

Mr. Baker, the former F.B.I. lawyer, is said to have told investigators that he recalled Mr. Sussmann saying that he was not meeting him on behalf of any client.

The Reactionary reports: This was contradicted by (1) Sussman’s testimony to Congress; and (2) Sussman’s own billing records. Sussman’s lawyers acknowledged “they expected him to be indicted.”

As to Sussman’s testimony, here is a portion where he discusses the Alfa Bank information was given to him by a client.

As we have discussed, the New Yorker first reported back in 2020 that Durham had impaneled a grand jury relating to the false Alfa Bank/Trump Organization story. There is the potential that former Feinstein staffer Daniel Jones – as well as the researches behind the Alfa Bank matter – will also face charges of giving false information to federal officials.

More recently, we noted that Fusion GPS has been fighting to keep secret its communications about Trump/Alfa Bank secret in a civil suit. Court records we reviewed appear to show the degree with which Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, and their associates went in drafting and promoting the false Alfa Bank/Trump Organization story.

One court document of interest is this August 26, 2016 e-mail from Fusion GPS to Michael Sussman.

That Fusion GPS-Sussman correspondence occurred not long before Sussman met with FBI General Counsel James Baker weeks later.

The e-mails correspond to the dates the Alfa Bank/Trump Organization was getting media exposure. One has to wonder what other correspondence Sussman had with Fusion GPS.

Questions have long been asked about Sussman’s involvement in the potential cover-up of the DNC hack in 2016. It was Sussman who brought in CrowdStrike (given his close relationship with founder Shawn Henry) to look into the DNC hack. According to Politico:

In late April [2016], the DNC’s IT department noticed some suspicious behavior and contacted DNC chief executive officer Amy Dacey, according to a DNC official. Dacey reached out to DNC lawyer Michael Sussmann, a partner at the Perkins Coie law firm and a former federal prosecutor specializing in cybercrimes. Sussmann called Shawn Henry, the president of cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike, to get his company’s help. 

This CrowdStrike/Perkins Coie links put into perspective this information in the the New York Times article, where Durham

has been pursuing a theory that the Clinton campaign used Perkins Coie to submit dubious information to the F.B.I. about Russia and Mr. Trump in an effort to gin up investigative activity to hurt his 2016 campaign.

If that is the case, then we doubt it would be limited to the Alfa Bank allegations.

Future Developments

We’ll be following the Sussman story closely and will post the charging documents and criminal information once – or if – Durham gets the indictment.

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